Black Box!

11:25:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Come, come nearer... I've a secret that I wanna share with you.....  Hey, I very generous one, especially when I dun need to spend a single cent. Keke





What happen was, I subscribed with The Black Box and they sent me a set of Loreal hair products in a nice transparent pouch.  The size is neat enough to last for a short trip lor and it's FREEEEE..

Today, I received another parcel from Black Box again and I was thrilled. This time, it's bigger and a better surprise!

 ^____________ ^  (BIG grinz)

Let's see what's inside?

Wah, not bad. There's almost something for everyone.
  • Super Brand coffee for the parents
  • Take 5ive Energy booster drink for the hubby (coz he needs the energy to play his computer games.. ya ya)
  • Faceshop mask for me
  • Glow Time BB Cream for me
  • Loreal Elseve extraordinary oil for me
  • Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for me
  • Purer Skin miracle serum for me...  =p
That are also vouchers provided if I'm keen on the products after trying them out! What a brilliant idea to "market" the products by giving free samples for consumers! 

I dunno about you, but I definitely welcome surprises made up of free samples. What's more, I get to try out new products that I probably will not consider if I see them on the racks. Who knows, I might discover products that are more suitable for me as compared to those brands that are aggressively advertised.  I'm already keen to try Purer Skin because it says that it's made of pure bird nest! =) 

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe your Black Box and indulge in your first mystery box!