[Closed] Villa Di Parma

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As stated on its signboard, this restaurant serves Italian home-styled cuisine.

Candle light with mint leaves setting on every table. Smell nice!

Hot Chocolate - $5.90

Nice chocolate drink that was not too sweet. =)

Foccacia - On the house

Complimentary bread, with nice herb fragrance with crispy crust.

Grilled Italian Sausages - $9.80

Oooo, me & bf liked this! This was actually "bangers and mash" served in another manner - the sausages were sliced for our convenience and the mash potato acted as the dipping instead. Cool.

Both were good to eat on their own, especially the mash potato ~ nice & creamy. The sausages tasted like salami, slightly spicy but tolerable. We finished the dish in no time.

Smoked Duck Pizza - $23.80

This was slightly disappointing. Okay, the crust was crispy alright, the smoked duck was great & the vege were refreshing.

Then again, this was just salad placed on top of the crust, with no cheese. Pizza with no cheese at all?  It just didnt seem quite right! The crust without the cheese, just tasted like biscuit & flour, nothing spectacular. Therefore, I felt that this was a little overpriced. Definitely not my choice next time.

Tiramisu - $12.90

Finally, tiramisu to end off the dinner with a sweet note.  The serving was big, so be prepared to leave some stomach room hor.

Btw, all prices are inclusive of GST! You pay what you see on the menu, coolz!

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