Hosted Brunch [Closed]

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Update on 25 August: Argh, the brunch menu was removed. In fact, both the lunch and dinner menu were reduced as well! =(

Venue: 991B Alexandra Road #01-10 S(119970) 
- Opposite NOL
Contact: 6276 7337


Back at Hosted, this time round with their Brunch Menu!

I bought the "$15 for $30 worth of Brunch at Hosted on the Patio" from Groupon.. Super happy to be able to enjoy great food at my favourite restaurant with little money! Hoo Woo ^_^

Smoked Duck Salad - $16
Crispy Mescluns mingled with Sugar Snaps, Tomato Confit, Green Apple and Walnut in Pineapple Dressing topped with Seared Smoke Duck

The smoked duck salad caught my attention first. It was almost an instant reaction to order it since I loved the duck linguine here. Without fail, the smoked duck was again done prefectly with a crunchy punch with the nuts.

Iced Lychee - Price forgotten =p

Seafood Crepe - $18
Pan fried crepe filled with crab meat & diced prawn in garlic, white wine cream

WOW! This was reeeeally good!

This is something different from the usual brunch menu of eggs (scrambled, benedict etc) & toast. Definitely something that I will recommend all to try! =)

Look at that filling! Do I need to say more?

Lots of chunky crab & prawn meat! It was almost overflowing and seem to be "bullying" that thin small crepe. LOL

Besides the seafood crepe, there's also chicken & mushroom crepe on menu. I will probably try it in my next brunch visit! =)

French Toast - $14
French Toast served with Scrambled Egg and Grilled Bacon accompanied with Maple Syrup and Butter

In comparison, the french toast set is less interesting, nevertheless tasty.

Overall, it was a good brunch at a reasonable pricing, with or without the Groupon. Cant wait for my next visit! =)


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