SNAP! You are on camera! ^_^

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Self Portrait Studio
Venue: 12a Sago Street Singapore 059014
Contact: 6224 2838


As quoted in their website, Snap! is the FIRST photography studio in singapore that allows you to be your very own professional photographer with their professional camera & lighting setup! Super cool idea, I must say. =p

This will mean no photographer will ask you to do awkward poses (especially if you are camera shy) when you just want to capture memories with your loved ones, friends & families. To be realistic, of coz  results cannot be comparable to the works of a professional photographer lah.  It's just a cheaper option if you wanna take better pictures with all the professional lighting etc while having fun together! 

And yes, we are talking about unlimited shots within 30mins which will be burnt into a DVD for you to take home.

Took some pictures around the place while waiting for the studio room to be vacant.

Da-ta! Nothing fanciful but good enough. You will choose from the different coloured background and given a remote control to snap the pictures and then left alone in your own group to do whatever you want. Be crazy, act nerdy, whatever la.. =p

There are props (fur, hats, spectacles, balloon, chalkboard etc) available but no one is stopping you to bring your own.

Get into your funny pose, press the remote and see the image immediately coming out from the big screen in front of you. Dun like? Just snap again lor, remember it's unlimited shots within your purchased time. ^_^

Once you are done with the photo taking, wait for about 15-20mins and you can bring home the DVD within the day itself. Nice!