Restaurant Week: Taratata Bistrot

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Venue: 35A Keong Saik Road
Contact: 6221 4506


I was attracted to the good ravings from the reviews for Taratata Bistrot, and so decided to try out this french restaurant.  Indeed, the moment we walked in, we felt right at home ~ greeted by friendly staff and a soothing atmosphere. Although I must admitted that the background 'music' (sound like Scotland windpipe) was rather annoying. LOL

Although the menu appeared to be the usual, but hey, it's harder to impress with normal fare right? So if they do, then they must be good! 

Oh, btw they dun serve ala carte during Resturant Week. Kinda strange to turn away customers who were willing to pay more to try their other dishes. Perhaps it was their way of dedication to ensure that the best were served or another tactic to attract customer to return? Hey, I'm already thinking of re-visiting them to try out their french onion soup.

For those who didnt manage to get a reservation with them, you can also try their set lunch at $35++.

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(1) Appetizer

I luv luv the escargots! Usually, I will order half a dozen to share. This was probably the first time I got to eat half a dozen myself! Very generous indeed. The escargots were simmered in  aromatic garlic herb sauce.. yummy! I even dipped the complimentary bread with the sauce. Keke

(2) & (3) Main Course

The pork trotter was crackling good, crispy on the outer, although the meat itself could be a tad dry but still manageable.  Similarly, the salmon skin was grilled with a nice crispiness, paired with mussel with creamy sauce and asparagus.

On a side note, I noticed that other diners had bigger portion of the salmon. Humpt, chef unfair lah... 

(4)  Dessert

A good meal was never complete without a good dessert! Do you like pear? If the answer is yes, then you will like the dessert here.  ^_^

The dessert was really innovative - Chocolate layered with pears to even out the sweetness and pear sorbet to freshen up your palate.

Overall, the food was lovely. To add on, the service was commendable, with the serving staff greeting you with a broad smile and always checking on you.  And not to forget, one of the staff was a Korean guy! (though not quite relevant but I dun care!) =p

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