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Venue: Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34 S238897
Contact: 68369209


The dessert display were enough to entice you to enter this sweet cozy place! ^_^

As we already had lunch, we decided to try the cakes and save the savories for the next visit. And yes, in case you belong to the rare species who dun fancy sweet stuff, Antoinette offers breakfast, pasta & burgers.
Antoinette's Hot Chocolate - $6.50

This was kinda 'disastrous', imagine lukewarm melted dark chocolate. It was too concentrated to enjoy it as a cup of hot chocolate, tasted more like a chocolate sauce. Hmm, where are the churros? The fortunate part? The rest of the items that we ordered was a pleasure.
 Caramel Creme - $9

In comparison with the hot chocolate, the tea seemed more pleasant ~ light and fragrance. Tasted better with a tad of sugar.
Saint Honor L/Amour - $8.50

It was love at first sight! It looked so pretty among the others that I just had to order, not knowing what it was. Adored the fresh pink cream with a hint of rose fragrance coupled with the shortbread which made this sweet little thing a delight yet refreshing dessert. I had never tasted anything like this before, call me a swa ku (mountain turtle), but I definitely enjoyed this.
Strawberry Shortcake - $8

I always have a soft spot for strawberry shortcake even though it seems very simple. Sometimes, you just need simple thing to make yourself happy. Keke

Here, the strawberry shortcake is basically light sponge cake nested on top on 4 big & sweet strawberries, which sort of formed the base, and again fresh cream on top. I actually preferred strawberry shortcake compared to chocolate cake and the strawberry shortcake here tasted good, almost as good as those I had in Japan. =)

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