Pique Nique

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Venue: 391A Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower A, #B1-1-1-2
Contact: 62386705


A pretty cafe that I visited quite a while ago with my friend. Couldn't say much about the food, which was decent but not impressive, so I shall just blast the post with pictures!
Classic Benedict - $12

My friend's order.  To begin with, I'm not a fan of hollandaise sauce and egg benedict. Tried a mouthful to know the taste..... mmmm, mediocre. Let's move on.

Shinjuku Incident - $11.50

Innovative name but tasted just like a normal burger although the egg yolk looked so tempting. Must be my 'super' photography skills. Keke
Tokyo Connection - $9.50

In layman terms, chicken meat burger. This tasted the best out of the 3 savory dishes.
Fish Fingers - $12

Sometimes you just need some 'unhealthy stuff' to reward a hard day work. Haha
Breakfast tea - $4.50  &  Ice Chocolate - $7.50

A pity that we did not have a chance to try the desserts, which Pique Nique is more known of. Oh well, it's just like going to MacDonalds and order milk tea which is not the signature dish. I think I should re-visit Pique Nique to try their desserts which are so eye-feasting before I can give them a fair critic. Hence, I shall pen off here. Update again when I have the chance to try the desserts! =p

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