Ritz Carlton Staycation 2016

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I got an offer from Marriott Vacation Club for a 2D1N stayacation at Ritz Carlton @$199 nett, and so I grabbed! What other time would I have the chance to stay at Ritz Carlton which easily cost $500++ per night? In return, we got to spend 1 hour for the sales talk... ok lah, that was nothing for the experience. It's probably my one and only chance since I am too niao to spend so much for a hotel stay. Keke

And you know what, I chose the National Day preview day with the Kallang view, which meant I got to watch the preview fireworks in the comfort of my room! Cool deal right?

Oh well, we topped up $250 for the Club room privilege, so we still spent close to $500 (normal club room costs about $700++). But there are 5 culinary presentations each day at the Club Room with free flow of champagne, wine, and other alcoholic drinks.  So hor, it is $125 per pax for 5 buffets and alcohol, worth it?  I'm trying to 'justify' my spending... =p
We stayed at level 32!
All the rooms are super big at 51sqm. That is ridiculous! It's about the size of a 1 or 2 room condo nowadays lor! 
The signature octagon panel bathroom view.
Our view from the room.

The 5 culinary presentations include:

Breakfast: 7am to 11am
Midday Snacks: 1130am to 2pm
Afternoon Tea: 230pm to 430pm
Hors d'oeurvres and Cocktails: 5pm to 8pm
Desserts and Cordials: 830pm to 1030pm

Before I bomb you with the photos, just wanna share a tiny bad experience at the Club Room. We were not told during the email confirmation that no slippers are allowed at the Club Room until we were physically there. My hubby got to drive home to get proper shoes... *roll eyes*

The staff were not rude or what... but I'm just wondering, if I'm a tourist with only slippers, am I expected to go and buy new shoes to access the Club Room? Perhaps it's better for the hotel to inform any dress code in the email confirmation. 

Club Room @ 32 Level
Behold... the 'golden gateway' to endless food and drink....Keke

Afternoon Tea

Champagne anymore?
You can ask for the high tea tier set too; they were fully reserved when I realised it.... =(  I thought they were just for display initially..

Hors d'oeurvres and Cocktails

The Club Room is only accessible for guests below 12 years old between 7am to 6pm. So for family group with kids, you have 'one golden hour' to grab 'dinner'!
The hokkien mee was really good, moist and tasty! I asked for a half portion to conserve tummy space for other stuff... but eventually, I ordered for another half portion because it was so good! 

Made myself lychee coctail; perfect alcoholic drink for ladies and the sweet tooth.
If that is not enough, how about wine dispenser.... My first time seeing such thing, really a drinker heaven... Hubby said the port was nice!

Desserts and Cordials

We didnt eat much by now coz too full..imagine eating every other 2hours...not easy feat lor..
View from the room....

Not bad pictures after massive editing... I can never take very nice firework photos, it's the best I can liao..

The congee was very tasty, with lots of prawns...
'Ang Mo' breakfast..
Flatlay effort...

Midday Snacks

An hour after breakfast, it was time for lunch.. told you we kept eating.
Warm station..
And more prawns... 

Die die also must drink again before we left the hotel... oh by the way, you can do your checkout at Level 32 reception, so you can check out at 12pm and continue to stay at the Club Room for your lunch ya..

I think this is quite a boliao post with just lots of food photos but that was what we did the whole time we were at Ritz Carlton... Oh well, if you are considering getting a Club Room, at least I hope this post will be meaningful to you! ;p  


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