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Dear all,

I will be 'updating' my food post under my instagram @funhideout since it allows me to update on- the-go and I can tag the location too! Easier for you to locate the venue, so do follow me!

As for the travel posts, I will also update in the instagram and perhaps include the details in the blog. Well, unless I'm travelling with tour group.. which I'm going to for my coming trip to Finland! So look out for my Northern Lights pictures! 

I'm a noob in photography ~ that's why I'm using point & shoot camera; but we were told by the tour agency that we need to bring a camera that can manually adjust shutter, aperture and ISO so I'm bringing my sony alpha 5100. I bought it long ago but I dun really know how to use it which is such a shame. Hopefully, I can pick up the skill in Finland. =p

If you are interested in my past itineraries, feel free to drop me an email or a comment in the instagram. I will try to reply asap!

With that, happy holidays to all!!