Ramen Bar Suzuki

12:30:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Venue: Boat Quay, 61 Circular Road #01-01


A pretty small ramen place, so be prepared to queue up during lunch time and it's definitely not a place for chit chat since the place is rather cramp! Do try to come earlier if you are coming with a big group. Dun say I never "warn" you!

We had to give our orders and made payment at the cashier located near the entrance before the staff led us to the table. I liked that I can choose from the tonkotsu broth (in red, black and white) to the hardness of the ramen. A lot of flexibility indeed! 

Ramen wise, I think it was pretty decent, though I will prefer the meat slices to be thicker. To "make up" the petty portion of the meat,  they offered free-flow of green tea, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts and mash potato. We all love free things, dont we? Keke

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