Macdonald's Hello Kitty Craze

11:15:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Really buai tahan (cannot tolerate) people who actually tried to make a profit out of Macdonald's Hello Kitty, which was partly due to Macdonald's "weird" selling tactics. 

Seriously, why cant Macdonald just make unlimited stock and sell the kitties like any other toys given free with a happy meal.  This will stop people from re-selling the kitties. If there's enough supply, there's no way people can push up the price, simple economics.
The kitties are meant to put a smile for customer who buys a value meal.  However, what I see is social problem (people fighting and scolding over these worthless kitties) and bad publicity for Macdonald (with the many angry customers). 

Maybe I'm not a true blue Hello Kitty fan, but I really dont think it makes any economic sense to spend a bomb for them in order to complete a full set.  Few years down the road, who cares whether you have 2 out of the 6 kitties, or 4 out of the 6 kitties?  I have 5 of them and I still call them a set. Imperfection is perfect. Yeah! And I'm proud to say I have unsealed all of them. Yeah again! Because it has never crossed my mind to try to sell them.  *Affirmation nod*

What's more, the newer ranges are smaller and of a substandard quality in comparison to the first generation aka the Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Wedding ranges. Worth it? I think no lah.  

Even though I have to admit I was one of those kiasu ones who attempted to queue up at 11 plus pm last night for Singing Bone.  I didnt manage to get it myself but my friend helped me to buy 1 at no additional cost. This should put those sellers in shame.  Humpt! >.<

To the sellers: How can you use the innocent looking Hello Kitty as a money tool? If you are never Hello Kitty fan, dun try to be one.

To the buyers: Before you decide to make that $50 or more for a Macdonald's Hello Kitty, can I remind you that a soft toy from Sanrio probably cost less? 

And if you really like Hello Kitty out from Macdonald's factory rather than Sanrio's factory, perhaps buying from Taobao is a cheaper option (provided you have other shipment so that the base charge can be split):

1) Merchant 1  (Lion + Red Riding + Frog + Witch ~ S$15) 
2) Merchant 2 (Singing Bone ~ S$7)

To name a few that I've searched, or simply search using the following key words:

麦当劳 hello kitty 童话
圣诞节Hello Kitty凯蒂猫童话
I'm not promoting Taobao, neither do I guarantee that these sellers will deliver, just that I'm suggesting there could be a cheaper option.  

The most economical way is to wait for the craze to die down. When people are  tired of these kitties and want to clear shelves space, eventually you probably can buy the kitties at a much cheaper price.

Anyway, I probably will avoid Macdonalds for a few months as I'm feeling perplexed currently  whether it's a food resturant or a toy shop. I guess I need a few months to figure that out ~ it's a very "qim" question.  Anyway, they are not exactly healthy food to begin with.  *Shrugged*