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Venue: NEX Shopping Mall, #02-01/02/03 
Contact: 6634 4610
All pictures taken with my phone, so this gonna be just a short and simple post.  =)
Beef Bibimbap - $13.80

Felt kinda cheated for this as there were only a few sliced of beef, with sprouts and cabbage and an egg yolk.
Grilled chicken with choices of 2 sides - $16.80

On the contrary, the portion for western food was much bigger! Besides a decent portion of chicken, the sides were so generous that we cant even finished them. Hey, but there is the option of taking just 1 side at a slightly cheaper price.
With just a $6 top up,  we can also opt for a half pint Hoegaarden, including the flavoured one! Nice!

Food were pretty normal, but I guess it still serves the purpose of providing varieties, especially when you and your company couldn't settle for an unanimous decision on the type of cuisine. The place is rather spacious so finding a table shouldnt be too difficult although the queueing system could have been slightly better.  LOL

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