Serenity Spanish

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Venue: Vivocity, #01-98/99
Contact: 6376 8185 


Had been passing by Serenity Spanish for quite a while before I decided to step in and hit on some spanish food! I'm not familiar with Spanish food and there isnt a lot of Spanish restaurant in Singapore. So, other than little dishes called Tapas and Spanish rice called paella, I really know nuts about it and in fact Spain itself. Hmm, maybe that will be a good reason to earmark Spain as the next country to visit? =p
Sangria Dark - $16

We started the meal with an alcoholic drink, Sangria, which typically contain fruit, rum & wine. It had a strong bitter aftertaste, hinting a slightly strong alcohol content. Then again, it's a classic spanish drink to try if you havent, helped to set the mood for an authentic spanish dinner, especially with the live band  performing in the background. ^_^

 Tortilla Espanola - $7.80

As a starter, we had the Tortilla Espanola, which is potato omelette. I first had this in London ( strange, but yes, I tried spanish food for the first time in London) and I luv this. I luv potato mash, chips, fried, wedges, anything so my opinion mostly prob is skewed. It was a simple dish but satisfying, both the taste and to fill the stomach. 
Corn Chips - $15

Corn chips to kill the time while we waited for the paella. The sauces were great!
Paella Valen (meant for 2 pax) - $43

Finally, our main was ready! Beautiful dish with the colours. The seafood was fresh and succulent. The only disappointment was the portion, which surely didnt do the price justice.

We spent close to $100 for these dishes, which I thought was kinda overpriced. Great for the experience but failed for the pocket. Haha

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