Tips on Home Reno

12:42:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

1) If you are thinking of concealing your sockets in the cabinet, do highlight to your contractor not to position the sockets at the highest point. Reason being there are some plugs which are longer and hence will "protrude" higher than the sockets.

Pic A shows the socket positioned lower while Pic B shows the socket almost touching the ceiling.

2) Do highlight to the contractor that your measurement of the cabinets are interior and not exterior. Reason being you will not know the thickness of the board/sides.
And to add on, do specify that you need some extra allowance. In my case, I wanted an open shelf to allow me to put A4 stuff, like folder, ring files etc, and...... I got myself an exact A4 height such that I cannot put my folder, ring files upright as there's no extra allowance. *Palm face*

3) You should highlight to the contractor of the desired height of your seat vs the study table. Reason being otherwise you will be restricted of the chairs that you can purchase, especially if there are drawers beneath the study table.

Mine is not high enough, and so I cant really cross my legs when seated. Might as well...since crossing legs is never good for the spine. =p

4) Do consider again if you want to have a suspend TV console. Other than aesthetic purpose (assuming you are going to install cove light beneath), there is no real reason to have it suspended. Firstly, you are wasting space for storage to have it suspended. Secondly, if you have curious crawling creature aka baby in your house, it's probably the "best hiding" place for them to develop a bump on the head.

Hope these tips help! Happy renovating!

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