OpenSnap Press Release at Flutes

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Venue: The National Museum of Singapore, 93 Stamford Road S178897
Contact: 6338 8770


I just attended the press release of OpenSnap on last Tuesday and let me do some sharing here! 

What's OpenSnap?

It's a one-stop mobile app that allows users to seek out their favourite restaurants in real time. It's a mobile app designed by foodies for foodies. It's all about what is good to eat and making it easy to find and discover!

Unique feature of OpenSnap:
  • Search and share: Users can explore new dining options or browse for nearby restaurant via food photos uploaded by other users, dish name, restaurant name and location.
  • Browse over 1 million restaurants in Asia: The repository database extends through China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. 
  • Start your own personalised food albums: Users can create their own individual food albums, which also have photo enhancing filters and stickers to improve on picture quality. A fun way to share your favourite food hangout!
Kenett Wong, Country Manager for OpenRice Singapore Pte Ltd, sharing the release of the new app. 
We were each given a ipad to try out the new app, but had to return one. If only, they really give us each a ipad. #wait long long.

It works somewhat like instagram, in terms of uploading and adding filters to the pictures taken.

 I like the stickers, which help to express your feelings of the food in a cuter way!
After you are done with all the "beautifying" works to your pictures, just upload and start sharing!
OpenSnap is a very social media friendly app and naturally it allows sharing in your favourite social media platform!
Oh well, if you cant decide what to eat. You can always use the "magnifying glass" icon to explore your options. The Nearby Tab search is limited to 2km radius from your phone.

Okay, enuff of the app, go download and start playing with it! Remember, sharing is caring, so start sharing good food places!
Our Lunch Menu
Now, the food!
Bread with Olive Oil & Vinegar

Bread for the hungry ones as the presenter demonstrated how to use the application. But I was late for 30mins, and just made it in time before the first dish was served. Keke

Anyway, the application is really dummy proof, very easy to use so I didnt miss much!
Cream of Mushroom

I liked this, very thick and creamy with just a tint of the truffle oil. Anything more than that, I will probably hated it because I dont really like truffle stuff, so this suited me well.  
Grilled Beef Striploin

The beef tasted pretty okay except that it was a bit overdone. Come to think of it, the waiter didnt ask how I like it to be done. Kinda pity as it was really tough to cut, I exerted a lot of effort to cut the striploin, not to mention chew and swallow the meat, so quite a portion was just dumped on the plate. 
Seared Fillet of Barrumundi

This was another main course option which I didnt get to taste.
Dark Chocolate Cake

Nothing will go seriously wrong with chocolate stuff, although I cant say this is the better chocolate cake I ever tasted. 

Overall, I feel food at Flutes (kinda rhythm hor? =p) is really normal, but the ambience was nice.
We bagged home a "bento" set at the end of the event. Real cute design and most appropriate!
 All things bright and yellow!
Just the thing I need ~> an apron! Plus all the yummy snack.

Thank you OpenRice for the invite!

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kw said...

thanks for supporting us that day. Looking forward to your yummy photos on OpenSnap soon!