Strictly Pancakes

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Venue: 44A Prinsep Street S(188674)
Contact: 6333 4202


Can you believe it? We went Strictly Pancake twice in 2 consecutive days, once for dinner and once for the next day lunch. So I guess, we quite like it. Haha

We went to the Upper East Coast Road outlet, where parking area sucks but we still managed to find a place to park. *cleared throat* Somewhere out there. Hehe. If you prefer to be a law-abiding citizen, perhaps lunch time will be a better choice. 

Our first time here, so we ordered 1 savory pancake and 1 sweet one. 
Nutella Milkshake - $7

Ordered a nutella milkshake, quite a mistake. Dont get me wrong, it tasted all right, but to stomach so many big & fluffy pancakes together with a milkshake was kinda "torturing" on the stomach, especially when we were suppose to eat light for dinner! 

Taste wise, it tasted more like a chocolate milkshake to me, as I couldnt really taste the hazelnut. Perhaps more nutella will be better? 

Chicken A La King - $13 
Chunky chicken with sweet onions cooked to perfection and topped with cream sauce. 
Definitely Fit for a King.

What a funny name.

The chicken breast was really nice, although a tad tough. I particularly adored the cream sauce that complemented the chicken as well as the pancakes!
See, how generous the serving was ---> 3 large fluffy pancakes, really filling La!
As you can tell from the pictures, the chicken breast wasnt enough to go with 3 pancakes. Dun fret, we were given maple sauce as well as butter (choose from salted, unsalted, garlic + herb, rum + raisin).  

Pancake with maple+butter is classic, an old time favourite that will never fail to delight! ^___^
Tiramisu ($12)
Kahlua infused mascarphone cheese on chocolate pancake with vanilla ice cream. 
Again, a 3 thick and fluffy pancake stack!

Dunno about the other sweet pancake, but I thought Tiramisu was a tad boring. The chocolate pancakes tasted really passable, and mascarpone cheese was too little! I thought tiramisu should have layers of cheese in between the chocolate pancake to give that flavourful texture. Looking at this, I yearned for the real tiramisu. Time to make one... keke

Anyway, we saw other diners ordering the garlic buttered prawn savoury pancake and we thought it smelt so good..... and yup, we returned the next day for lunch!
Garlic Buttered Prawn ($14)
Medium stack served with garlic buttered prawn generously with garlic and cherry tomato salad
The garlic sauce was really a killer. I never like soggy pancakes or waffles, but the garlic sauce was different. I literally soaked my pancake with it, wishing we were given more sauce. =p

But hor, because the sauce was very rich and aromatic, please do not attempt to eat it on your own. First, you will smell of garlic and probably wont be too nice if you intend to kiss your bf/gf later. Second, it was a bit too jer-lat. No wonder, we were given a choice to downsize from 3 to 2 pancakes (comes with a $1 deduction). 
Chic Wings ($8)
                                                              Scrambled Eggs ($2.50)

This time round, we were smarter and decided not to order 2 portion of pancakes. Instead we ordered a side dish of chicken wings and scrambled eggs to share along the pancakes. 

The chicken wings were pretty good, the skin was very crispy and fragrant with some spices, kinda spicy too. Scrambled eggs was just norm, which probably can be skipped.

If you dont like any of the creations in the menu, you can also create your own personal style from the pancake stack, butter to the side orders.  =)

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