DIY Mooncake

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Oops, the date icon gave always the actual date of when I made the mooncakes! LOL
This year I decided to make good my promise to my niece, and so I made the whole lot of mooncake with the help of my 10 years old niece and sister. We spent like 4 hours to do 72 pieces! At first, we were still taking it slow & steady, me watching the TV at the same time. 'Panic' strike when the clock was ticking towards 12 midnight and we ended up like factory assembly. Me did the snowskin (which was forever not enough), sis did the weighing of the filling and niece did the wrapping. LOL

I bought Chocolate Lotus (that's explained the black marking on the mooncake, not mould ok!) and Yam Lotus paste from Phoon Huat. It was sold at 1kg each and therefore we ended up making so many lor. Next year I shall probably buy from Kwong Cheong Thye which allows tasting and they sell in 500g. 

Just for sharing:

Recipe: Refer to my earlier post
Truffles: SunLik
Lotus Paste: Phoon Huat, SunLik and Kwong Cheong Thye


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