Teppei Japanese Restaurant

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Venue: #01-18 Orchid Hotel, 1 Tras Link


I've heard ravings about barachirashi at Teppei, and finally got an opportunity to try this out with a friend!

We were not working on a weekday noon, so we went there at about 11.30am ( lunch starts at 12pm), thinking that early bird will get the worm. *Palm face* There was already a long queue, and we thought we were being kiasu to be there half an hour earlier?  Dubz... Why the office staff can spend time queuing when lunch is supposed to be just an hour? I also want to go work in their company. =_="

Thank goodness, we managed to get in for the first seating. In fact, we were the last 2 to go in. Really heng lor.. The place is very small, with just counter seats around the chefs' working area. I did a mental calculation, the restaurant probably can only accommodate 20 odds patrons at one time? Good luck if you intend to come in big group. 

We were given free flow of side dishes while the chef prepared our chirashi. I particularly liked the stewed meat + radish which was good enough to be a dish on its own. The ingredients totally soaked  up the sweet sauce so well, give me a bowl of rice!! Hee hee

Finally, our little bowl of seafood goodness came. The bowl was smaller than other places but com'on it was only $17.60!!! Where to find so cheap chirashi? If you think they cut corners and serve you substandard seafood, no lor... salmon, tuna, scallop, roe were all so fresh and sweet.

I've a weird palate. I adore sashimi but not too much pls, coz it will give me a gross feeling. I used to eat durians and chocolate ice-cream a lot when I was young, and now I dont have cravings for them at all. So if you find your kids eating snacks or unhealthy food too much, dump them so much until they feel nauseous or total disgusted. I think that was what my parents tried to do to me, by giving me sacks of durians to eat when I was young.

Like I say, the small bowl at Teppei works perfectly for me, so I love it! Smaller portion  also means a more affordable pricing which will make re-visit less 'painful' for the pockets. Keke

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