The Coastal Settlement

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Venue: 200 Netheravon Road S(508529)
Contact: 6475 0200
Closed on Mondays


A hidden find in the very  eastern part of Singapore. Seriously if you do not drive, I have no idea how to come to this place except for taking a cab? This place is charismatic with a retro touch. Vintage and retro seems to be a favourite theme for both owners and patrons nowadays. I guess old stuff does have a mesmerizing effect? 

No reservation is allowed unless it's a big group of 10 pax or more.  Plentiful of seats, inside and outdoor, however if you are prone to mosquito bites, I would suggest you to take indoor. Reason being when we were waiting outside for a table, I already kenak 3 bites on the leg. Sobz
Ocean Tales - $18

I ordered Ocean Tales on my first trip to TCS, and sad to say, it was no longer on the menu.  

Abundant seafood (prawns, sotong, clams, mussels) in the lobster broth. Very rich and tasty, and it tasted better and better with each sip. Bring it back, please!
Wagyu Beef & Mushroom Pizza - $23

Loved this! We will order this pizza every time we visit TCS.  The beef & mushroom was cooked in the chinese stir-fried style, yet the meat remained moist & tender. The pizza crust itself was super thin and crispy, tasted like biscuit! Did I mention, the serving of the beef and mushroom was generous too? Definitely worth the penny!
Prawn Toasties - $16

This was essentially prawn paste on crispy baguette. A pity that we cant tasted any sweetness of the prawns, so I will not recommend to order this except for those who loves fried food. 
Coastal Wings & Drums - $14

Who can resist finger-linking good crispy fried chicken? A great way to start the meal while waiting for the mains.
Baby Back Ribs - $34

Another popular item on the menu, recommended by the staff and ordered by many others. It was good but not consistent. The second time I tried the dish, I felt that the ribs were not tender enough. 
Grandma Brownie - $12

Dessert to end the day!

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