Fresh Fruits Lab

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Venue: 351 Changi Road
Contact: 6677 6741
Website: 6677 6741


I luv to visit new restaurant/cafe because no GST (yet)! #cheapthrill

Fresh Fruit Lab, or FFL, is located in this quiet street along Changi Road intersect Lor Marzuki. Being a north & northeast kid now, I probably will not chance upon this area if not that I saw this in OpenRice's new list of restaurant. 

The name of the restaurant sounds healthy and pretty cool to check it out, and so we drove down on a Saturday night. Finding parking lot was quite a breeze surprisingly. And dont worry if you do not drive, the website states that it is just 5 minutes walk from Kembangan MRT. Although looking at the map, I think it's more than 5 minutes walk lah, unless you have super long legs...hahaha

We didnt make any reservation and was almost turned away by the staff as there was no queuing system. Luckily for us, another staff came and offered us the high table, which we gladly accepted (dubz, we drove 20mins here, sit on the floor also must eat here lah). Lucky star shone on us again, while I was trying to climb up the high and unsteady chair; someone left and we got a proper table for 4. All these happened like within 5 minutes. Life is all about meeting at the right time man. LOL

Anyway while we were eating, the staff also turned away a few customers, noting that the tables were under reservations and kitchen cant cope as the reasons. So hor, better call to reserve otherwise will cry especially if you come from the west all the way there. 
Strawberry Lime Ginger ($12) / Viva La Fruits ($8)

As a 'Lab', some of the drinks like the fruit juice & soda were served in conical flask, beaker etc, which was really cute. The juices are cold-pressed ones and I was curious to find out what's the difference between cold-pressed juice and the normal blended juice. My order was a concoction of pear, orange & cucumber. Hmm, cant really taste the difference and the cucumber taste/smell was overpowering. I guess I can save my $700+ to buy a cold pressed juicer. LOL
The beer was nice, sweet but not too sweet that even my hubby liked it. In fact, FFL has quite a number of fruit beers, some I never see before also. 
Fish & Chips - $19
Masago Caviar Pasta - $20

Food was great, especially my pasta. I liked that there was masago caviar mixed with the linguine (which tasted more like angel's hair), served in aglio olio style. Simple yet yet with a very firm texture. The scallops were huge and fresh, so even though the dish was quite pricey, I will still recommend this pasta. many pretty dessert, what should I order?
Lychee Cake - $6.50

In the end, we decided upon the one of the best seller aka the Lychee Cake. It was moist and soft and looked at that glittering lychee. =p
Complimentary fruit juice at the end. Served in test tubes, not surprisingly right? Keke

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