Joie by Dozo

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Venue: Orchard Central, #12-01
Contact: 6838 6966 


This year, we decided to try something different for Christmas dinner ~ a meatless 7 course menu. Knowing me personally, you will know it would never be an intentional decision; I only realized it was a meatless dinner course when I browsed through the selection and then it stroke me that "Oh, no meat?". Oh well, too late to change and I was already contemplating whether I should have chicken or prawn maggi mee later on. =p

The restaurant is located at the rooftop dining area, so just take the lift to 11th floor and proceed to the escalator to go to the rooftop.  Joie opened a few months ago and everything looked brand new and classy. We were the first few to reach there at dinner time and was offered a private room for four. Oddly, the private room is exposed to the rooftop public garden and so we became part of the 'exhibit'. *Shrugged*

We started off with a lemonade drink or rather a drink that tasted like sour lemonade(not part of the 7 course) served in a pretty glassware. 
The first course was Chef's Selection of Assorted Platter. Starting from the right, we had vanilla sponge cake with cream cheese filling, carrot roll and berry droplet with pistachio crumbs. 
I got to specially mentioned the carrot roll as it tasted nothing like a carrot! It tasted almost like a real salmon roll, both texture and taste. A very intriguing item on the platter indeed. 
Next, we had the Prelude and our selection were Matsutake Cake (top pic) & Gratinated Champignon with Mozzarella (bottom pic).  The former appeared to be more like a dessert with the vanilla sauce. The steamed japanese mushroom was moist and soft, topped off with fried golden enoki.

The latter resembled an escargot dish, replaced with button mushrooms with the same mozzarella cheese and sweet potato mash. Same same but not the same. Luv the generous serving of cheese.
Under Awakening course, we chose the White Asparagus and Zucchini Tower as recommended by the staff.

The former dish was rather passable, with a bit of everything, not much of an impression. Zucchini Tower was better, although not my cup of tea as there was cream cheese with truffle mayo in the core of the tower. Me not a fan of anything truffle lah..
Elixir wise, we got the Infusion with Cepes & Truffle (in short, mushroom soup) & Snow Pear Consumme.

Personally, I didnt like the mushroom soup as the truffle was too strong and I dont like truffle dishes. In fact, it tasted smelly to me, sorry to all the truffle fans out there. =p

On the contrary, the snow pear consumme was light & sweet at the same time. So much sweetness in a little chinese tea cup. And hor, where did the chef find such a cute snow pear? A pity that the serving was really a tea cup size. 
Finally, the main course. I didnt have much choices as 4 out of the 6 selection came with truffle somehow; the other 2 was ratatouille and sauteed rice. Hence, I opted for the Trio of Spheres, made up of mozzarella ball, mushroom with truffle oil in puff pastry & fried pumpkin risotto. Hubby went for the truffle risotto.

Oh did you notice the gold strokes on the plates? They are not painted on the plate one okie, it was hand drawn by the chef with gold dust mixed with virgin or olive oil, meaning edible! Keke
A nice gesture from Joie for christmas! #christmasonly
We got a shock when the staff came in with a trolley of desserts. We were smirking although we were full already. Imagine our 'disappointment' when the staff said can only choose 8 items. =p
Finally, last course - Potion. We had the Ice Fruity Refresher and Mocktail of Love. For the full details of the menu, click here

Surprisingly, we were rather full even without any meat course. It was a different dining experience as you anticipate every dish that was presented to you. Service was good with the staff explaining each and every dish to us. However, I hope they would fine tune their selection ~ too many items with truffle! Otherwise, I think it would be rather hard for me to revisit.