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Venue: 292 Yishun #01-291


Holy cow! There's an icecream/waffle shop in old estate Yishun! I used to stay with my parents/in-laws in Yishun until I moved in to my own house and always thought Yishun is your typical auntie market place with no cool hangout places to venture. I'm sure the opening of Holycow is a very welcome change in this area. =)

The layout reminds me of Creamier at TPY. From the reviews, the waffles seemed to be good and I saw quite a number of customers had ordered it, I wondered whether it was as good as the ones at Creamier. But, I was really stuffed from dinner and a scoop of ice-cream was the most I can have at that time, so waffles next time!
Lotza of ice-cream flavours (& colours), really spolit for choice!
As any other ice-cream places, there are also coffee, tea & other beverages available. 
My order, Mao Sha Wang ($3.90 per scoop)

The scoop was very rich in the  durian flavour, as good as eating the real thing! Haha, but of coz less the fruit flesh texture. As I mentioned, the flavour was quite gao so probably good to share. But if you are a super durian lover, then I will say, dont bother to share! Keke

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