Sushi Airways

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Venue: 20A Baghdad Street S199659
Contact: 6291 1151


We were looking for new place to celebrate our wedding anniversary and decided upon Sushi Airways recommended by Irene Ang from Foodporn. I really like to watch Foodporn (, which as the name suggests, recommends food that are instagram worthy! If you are looking for interesting places to dine, besides browsing MY blog, can also watch the videos. =p

The restaurant is located near haji lane, which is easily accessible by MRT/buses. However, not so easy to spot as it is located at the 2nd floor amidst the many Turkish/Arab restaurants, so look up for it!

As you step in, you will be greeted with a warm welcome from the friendly staff. This is in contrast with the cool stainless setting, which seems to imitate an aircraft interior. It suits the restaurant name, besides the fact that here, they also import fresh seasonal seafood from Japan.

There was a sashimi promotion, so even thought we are not crazy fan for sashimi, why not?
Our spread for the lovely evening.... Oops, dun mind, we already started eating. =p
Salmon Tataki (part of the sashimi moriwase set)

This was pretty refreshing, although a bit too generous on the ponzu sauce, so kinda salty.
Deep Fried Mini Crab / Sawagani - $15

One moment they were crawling happily inside a clear bowl at the counter, the next moment they were served crispy on our table. A bit cruel hor? 
My mini crab having dinner on a made shift lime table.

#superboliao #playwithfood
Sashimi (part of the sashimi moriwase set)

Made up of salmon, tuna, swordfish, seabream, clam and milt (aka male fish roe or fish sperm). Very fresh and very thick slices.
 Scallop / Aburi Hotate with Mentai Sauce - $22 (for 2 pc)

One word, SHIOK!
Lobster Mango Roll (part of the set)

I know the lobster should be the main ingredient BUT the mango was so damn sweet ok, even sweeter than those that I had in Thailand. And it came with sushi rice, just nice for some staple food. 
 Sea Urchin / Uni Karatsuki - $38

We were really skeptical about having urchin after our first attempt in Tokyo. After some serious convincing from the staff, we decided to give it a try again. It was.... actually not too bad! It had this creamy aftertaste which was hard to describe. We were given seaweed to wrap the urchin if the taste was too overwhelming. You just have to try it yourself.

We spent a total of $174.90, which was quite reasonable given the food items that we ordered. We will be back for the lunch menu! Stay tune for it! =)

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