NOM (No Other Meaning)

3:49:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Venue: 400 Paya Lebar Way #01-02/03/04 S(379131)
Macpherson Community Centre
Contact: 6747 3839


We came to visit a friend in this neighbourhood and since I needed to reset my singpass, we walked into Macpherson CC and chanced upon NOM.  I must stressed, I was really not on a chase after rainbow desserts. It was by chance that we found more rainbow cakes here... rainbow cakes in a few varieties  (oreo/salt caramel/cookies) as well as rainbow cheesecake. I guess we just have to visit our friend more often... =p 
Rainbow Cake - $8.90

We ordered the oreo rainbow cake which was definitely not just a pretty cake. It was moist and probably one of the best rainbow cake that I had tried so far. But the cream tasted a tad too sweet, so just need to scrape when it gets a bit too much.
Rainbow Cheesecake - $7.90

My hubby actually preferred the cheesecake over the cake. This version of cheesecake tasted more like those dense new york cheesecake. Personally, I still love my TKC's version. Well, just personal preference. =)

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