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Red Velvet Waffles - $14.90

While we were waiting for our lunch reservation at Sushi Airways, we popped by Stateland which is in the vicinity. Well, who says that we cant have dessert before a proper meal? =p

The cafe is dainty and cozy, with a vintage industrial theme. It was actually quite relaxing to just sit around and spend the afternoon away. It seems like wasting time, but what's the rush?  Well, I believe we should always make time to just do nothing. ^_^

Anyway back to the waffles! It was red velvet waffles and looked pretty with the pink meringue , berries & cream cheese dots. But hor, I preferred the waffles at Oblong, where there is lotza cream cheese. Here, the waffles was just pretty but didnt quite leave an impression.


Venue: 30 Bali Lane
Contact: 9296 4997

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