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Hey you! Bored at home?

How about few rounds of games ~ Wii, boardgames?

Huh? Dunno which to decide?

That's easy to settle! Just meet at Play Nation (formerly know as The Hangout) which houses both at the same premise!

Venue: 64 Prinsep Street S188667
Contact: 6336 9578


Enter the place and be welcomed by Bubbles Dino! This place is so kawaii! I'm bursting with childish laughters already! =p

Wait! Must be expensive! Tell me the prices!

Aiya... Relax! This place is cheaper than most of the boardgame cafes, and comes with free flow of house drinks ( peach tea, lime tea etc).

See! It costs only $9.50 for boardgames and $11.50 for console games (Wii) per pax on weekend. Point to note, the price is fixed for happy hours starting from 2pm - 6pm, meaning even if you come at 5pm - 6pm, the same charges apply. Dun be silly and come so late ok!

Console Games Section

Comfy couch to play wii! There's also the instrumental gadgets for playing Guitar Hero! It ROCKS!!!

For big group, they have rooms as well. Do remember to book in advance coz the rooms are quite popular. The couch is probably comfortable for 3 pax, slightly cramp for 4 pax and super cramp for 5 pax and so on... you know what I meant lah.. If you cant get the room, alternatively you can book for 2 console set. Similarly, book in advance!

Boardgame Section

No sofa seats here, but the place is cozy enough. Probably can cater for 6-7 groups bah..

Wide selection of games which include all time favourites such as:

Wii : Raving Rabbids series, Mario series, Guitar Hero, We Cheers, FIFA Soccer etc
Boardgame: Saboteur, Taboo, Loot, Ugly Doll etc

I noticed that all their card games are laminated, and in super good condition. Thumbs up for the effort! Well, I dun like to play with torn, dirty cards mah...

There are food served as well, check them out in their menu. I tried a few of their nibbles such as Nacho Cheese Fries, Sotong Balls, Calamari, Mash Potato with Cheese Sausages. My favourite is the Nacho Cheese Fries. The rest are merely passable. Mash potato tasted funny with sweet instead of savoury sauce. Comments from frens for the seafood pasta in rosy sauce (tomato plus cream sauce), caramel popcorn and corns were not good. Then again, it's not a food place so I guess it has "tried its best"...hhahahah

Keen to find out more? Check out their website for more details such as packages here


Anonymous said...

Do you have their email address? I have been trying to call them but they do not answer.


I dun have their email address. Why dun you try to leave a comment on their FB account instead or try their Scape branch at 6634 3065?

Hope the info helps!