Triple Three - Orchard Mandarin Hotel

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Exam period again... Why the heck am I always having exams??? 0_0

Headache, giddyness and super duper sleepy whenever I need to study.. I will do everything else except for flipping the textbook pages.. I'm in deep shit..

Grr... Okay, I'm going to so make up my mind to finish at least three chapters by this weekend. Ya, I know it's long weekend,  but 3 chapters is probably my maximum patience.. In fact, I'm not very optimistic about that too.. You know what, it's now 6pm on Saturday, and I havent even start on 1 chapter.. oh well..


Okay, I shall keep this review short and sweet! =p

Aiya, it's buffet mah.. Buffet food in hotel is generally okay, not fantastic but then, it offers lotza varieties to stuff ourselves silly.. It's different objective! keke


All these numbering are making me confused, 313, Triple One, Triple Three.. People are getting less and less innovative in naming buildings and restaurants. Anyway, remember Triple Three is a restaurant residing in Orchard Mandarin Hotel, which is very near to Cineleisure and Spark. Btw, we parked our car at Spark, coz no free carpark for diners in the hotel lor..

Venue: Level 5 Orchard Mandarin Hotel
Contact: 6831 6271
Dining Area

Well, I really need to go study.. so hor, let's just "zoom" in to the spread..
Sushi Spread

Not quite plentiful, but I was easily satisfied with just salmon.. Hee
Cold Soba
Teppanyaki Station
The teppanyaki beef was pretty good, very chewy and juicy. In fact, it tasted much better than the so called Wagyu beef ( picture below).  I went for a couple more rounds for this, and dint finished my first portion of Wagyu beef.  Haha..
Mayo Prawns
Wagyu Beef

It was abeit too raw for my liking. I dun mind the bloody-ness, but it was too raw to chew. I tried chewing and chewing, and finally spitted it out coz it cant be swallowed. Kinda disappointing, as it was one of the dish that I was looking forward to.. haiz
 Crayfish!  Lobster

Definitely the highlight of the day!
Cheeeeeeze baked crayfish lobster... Yummy!
I dun take the oysters, so I had many portions of crayfish lobster to make it up! In fact, I probably had eaten at least 4-5 crayfish. lobster. Hee

The crayfish lobster were really succulent but you know lah, they were small. It would be better, if they could replace it with lobsters... *Daydreaming*

p.s I was corrected by my colleague that the shell thingy in the pictures were actually lobsters. Keke, silly me! I cant really differentiate lobster and crayfish... To me, small one = crayfish, big one = lobster... But that's my own interpretation =p 

I think rightfully those served in Triple Three were lobsters though not very big... But still, they were good so whack lah!
Fried Stuffs
A closer look - we had here, cod fish, prawns with potato shreds, crabmeat..
One of my fav - The potato shred tasted like potato chips!
Cold Station - Seafood and Ham
I dun take oysters. Hey, I tried but I just dun like it, not I stoopid okie..

Anyway, my jie fu said the oysters were really fresh and I think they looked fresh also...
Pastas were served as well... For those who require their daily supply of staple food...
Chinese Station

Very smooth!
I dunno what was this called. Basically it was tofu mixed with minced pork and mushrooms, quite tasty even though the ingredients were simple
Herbal Soup

Served in cute little cups! The soup was nice and I had to go for another cup as my finale... keke
Cooked Food

Including briyani, curries etc
No abalone, so I guess abalone mushroom is good enuff? =p


Hmm, the dessert spread here was rather unattractive, so I dint bother to take a lot of pictures...Ha


Overall the spread here is not as good as I thought it is, definitely a mismatch with its pricing of $88++ per pax. I mean other than those that I mentioned such as the crayfish, the teppanyaki beef etc, the rest of the items are quite normal. The varieties are also not comparable with other places. I guess they are pricing based on quality items such as Wagyu beef. Then again, the Wagyu beef was such a disappointment..

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