Restaurant Week: Fordham & Grand

9:32:00 PM Ashley Tok 2 Comments

Venue: 43 Craig Road
Contact: 6221 3088


Finding the location was a challenge because the entrance was really not outstanding! We were looking out for a typical restaurant, you know, big glass panels that allow you to see the tables & chairs to suggest that it is a restaurant. Here, there is only broad brown door with a subtle name label on the side.  We would have missed this restaurant walking down craig road if we had not known of the address through Restaurant Week.

The setting here is consistent with its restaurant front, a warm down-to-earth brown/black  unpretentious scheme that almost seem a bit too uninteresting. Though, the good and friendly service by the staff did make us felt at home.  Enuff said, lets take a look at the surprise menu offered!

At one glance, I would say not so appealing. I am a carnivorous and a main course without meat was a tab disappointing. I was still hoping for the lobster linguini shown on its website. Still, I had to admit the menu was very different from the other menus that I had tried before in the earlier seasons of the Restaurant Week.
 Salmon Tartar

Appetizer was beautiful. The salmon was firm and plentiful. It was almost as good as a main course itself. 
Green Pea Risotto

Even though it says green pea risotto, it didn't taste anything like green pea although the idea of having green coloured rice was rather refreshing. The zucchini was fried crispy with slight tinge of natural sweetness from the vegetable. Surprisingly, I was pretty satisfied with my main course, even with no meat in sight Something different from my usual fare, and likely to be more healthy! Keke

French Toast with Sabayon & Vanilla Icecream 

We really loved the dessert, in fact, my favourite dish among the 3! The bitter taste of the rum sabayon (the yellow creamy sauce) was complemented by the sweetness of the french toast & vanilla icecream.  A very flavorful combination with added twist of the popcorn bits.  We finished it anyway even though we just had a staple food (risotto)!

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner here and love to re-visit for the lobster linguini! ^_^

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Anonymous said...

the green pea risotto looks so interesting! hehe, but sorry to disappoint if you're watching your diet (I am watching my diet). Risotto is never healthy. The rice is cooked with butter, and once the rice absorbs the butter, more butter is put in. This process is repeated at least 3 times.

Glad to read a positive review on Fordham! Been wanting to visit for a while now.

Ashley Tok said...

Argh.. I really like risotto as compared to my normal thai rice from the rice cooker. Guess need to reduce the 'love' a bit for fear of my already growing waistline. =(

I went to Fordham with no expectation and boy, I was glad that the decision turned out to be a good one. Service was good too as the staff patiently explained each dish to us when served. ^_^