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Venue: 76 Serangoon Garden Way
Contact: 6283 6339


A happy chinese new year to everyone! Hope everyone out there has a good time collecting/receiving red packets, enjoyed super good food without putting on any extra pounds, spent a wonderful time with friends and families! 

While the happy festive mood was in the air, hubby complained that it was not the mood for hungry man. It was the critical time when the wife's cooking skills & level of laziness was put into test. Oh well, I fell into the latter category. Boo...  

We wanted to go Chomp Chomp for dinner on Chu San, but a lot of stalls were not yet opened for business. Sushi Tei was packed with customers and Arbite was closed also. Oblong was nearby, so we decided to first eat a waffle then try to "brainstorm" a place which was likely to open on CNY period. My last resort was to go eat roti prata.  But heng ar, I googled for food in Serangoon and that was how we found Hanwoori

True enough it was opened.  Otherwise, we got to drive somewhere else to have a dinner. And it was kind of crowded, these people must be like us, cant find a place to eat. Haha
All the mains came with 10 side dishes and we got the following side dishes:
1) Sweet Beans
2) Green Vege
3) Kim Chi (how can we not have this in a korean restaurant?)
4) Radish
5) Apple Salad
6) Potato Strips
7) Bean Sprouts
8) Fried Anchovy
9) Fish Cake
10) Some unknown vege which looked like long beans
Beef Bulgogi - $15
This was definitely a must order if you adore beef!  There was plentiful of beef slices and mushroom and came with glass noodles too. The sauce was sweet which was good to go with rice. Super value for money. We really had a "difficult" time finishing this little small pot, no bluff.
Short Ribs Soup - $17

The short ribs was very tender, otherwise nothing much to rave about. The soup was very bland, so even though they gave us salt to add to taste, it still tasted bland and oily. Dont think I will ever order this in my return visits. 
Steamed Egg - $11
A simple dish and I liked the burnt part. Then again, perhaps this was too much for 2 pax to share. Too much eggs! LOL

Overall, prices are reasonable and food was above expectation. Generous serving of side dishes (free to refill) and not forgetting the friendly lady korean boss with her adorable kids. Especially her girl who kept replaying "Let It Go" on her handphone throughout our dinner. Hmm... that was what I did at home, looks like my behaviour akin to a kid. Keke

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