Hatter Street Bakehouse & Cafe

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Venue: 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333
Contact: 6988 4591


Since I have moved to buangkok area, I have been looking for good eateries or nice cafes nearby this area. If you are staying this area, please start to follow my blog if you havent! And if you would like to share with me new/good  places in this part of Singapore, that's even better! Drop me a comment, wont you? ^_^

Hatter Street is a fairly new cafe nestled in the Kovan neighbourhood. It appears rather out of place amongst the old style kopitiams, neighbourhood shops. But again, I really like the idea of theme cafes sprouting in the sub urban, well at least you dont have to travel all the way to the town just to have a nice hi tea afternoon. 

As you step into the little cafe (yes, rather tiny with approximately 20s odd seating?), you will be whizzed into a "Alice in Wonderland" theme. Even though I'm rather perplexed why Mr Bean's teddy bear is doing up there? Keke
Look! There's a tiny door at the counter. 
Menu on the wall decals

That's a pretty smart move! Dont have to spend money printing menu that will be "abused" by customers. 
The cakes looked interesting but the prices are quite stiff, considering that the size is not big. Oh well, next time I will try them when I'm feeling rich!
Pandan Icecream with Gula Melaka Sauce - $8.90

I have eaten waffles at many places, but I have never seen such a combination before ~ pandan & gula melaka sauce? Really sound very local. I liked that the pandan icecream was subtle and not overwhelming and it was a good match with the gula melaka sauce. Probably tasted like shit if matches with the usual chocolate or caramel sauce. Hahaha

The waffles was also very light, just nice when you have a hearty dinner yet have a itch for something sweet. And the blueberries were sweet too! 

This definitely ranks the top few waffles that I will revisit!

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