POSB Everyday Card

9:58:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

I have signed up for POSB Everyday Credit Card donkey years ago, but have never used it until I need to pay the utilities bills myself.  Reason why I have never used it because firstly, there isnt any good deals to use it when other banks are giving me discounted movie tickets, cash rebates, premier miles etc and secondly, it's not a very pretty card. Keke

Anyway, I found out that this's the only card that I can use to pay my utilities bills and yet I get to enjoy 1% cash rebate. Not a lot of money, but it's better than nothing! 

Hey, credit card to me is to enjoy additional benefits while using the banks' money first, and not meant to tide my finances. I'm those customers that the banks will hate because I always pay on time and always ask to waive off the annual fees diligently. I know people who will just guai guai pay the subscription fees or late fees (like my hubby) simply because bo chup, forgetful. To me, this's a big NO NO, I'm not going to let the banks earn my money, at least not in this manner!

Ok back to POSB Everyday Card, I realised today that the cash rebate is not auto credit into the bill to either offset the current or next month bill. In addition, you need to accumulate to a minimum $10 before you can log into your internet banking (Home -> Right Column -> Redemption of Daily $) to do the redemption. 


I think the bank is secretly hoping the customers will forget to make the redemption. >.<

If you are a first time user of POSB Everyday Card, there you go, hope I have helped you to save your time from making a call to the call centre asking where is the rebate.