2014 Vday Celebration at Edge

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Venue: Pan Pacific Hotel Level 3
Contact: 6826 8240 


I went for a buffet dinner on Vday! Since we were already married, we decided to "degrade" and stuff ourselves silly. Who cares about bursting buttons and bulging stomach? No need to act demure and eat like little birds. =p

It was a very last minute booking and we were so glad to find a table here. So guys are out, if you find a girlfriend on Vday itself and when you think that all the restaurants are fully book, you may want to consider Edge. But hor, it was $130++ per pax on 2014 Valentine Day.
Still very CNY mood in Pac Pacific Hotel.... and OMG, look at that gigantic crackers!
A glass of champagne (not very nice though) and a stalk of rose to start the night..

Oh, me and hubby were discussing whether the rose was real or fake flower. Somehow it looked very plastic , especially the stem and leaves part. But I could peel off the petal easily, so it seemed real?  Hubby was saying if it was a real rose, it really looked super plastic, like the rose went for plastic surgery in Korea. And if it was a fake rose, I must say very good workmanship! 

So I took home the stalk and see whether it will die lor... otherwise, dunno real or fake. And it really dried up..... The rose was like some artist, die liao to prove its value.... Keke

I'm going to start spamming with lotza lotza photo okay? Prepare a bowl to catch your drooling saliva ya? Dont say I never give warning.....
Cheese Assortment
Fresh Seafood - Oysters, Prawns, Crabs, Scallops!

* You can get the tools to shell the crabs from the serving staff
Indonesian/Malay Cooked Food
Frog Legs!

This was probably the first time that I've seen frog legs served in a buffet.
Spicy Crayfish with Fried Man Tou

We took a few serving of the crayfish even though it was kinda spicy to me. Real good stuff, whack!

Black Pepper Crab

We only took the pincers coz easier to eat lah. I quite like the black pepper crab as it was more flavourful as compared to the fresh crab legs. 
Satay Assortment
Meat Assortments - Ranging from Chicken, Duck Confit, Salmon etc

We were really spolit for choices!
Pork Ribs
Prime Rib (Beef)
Crayfish Gratin

Gratin with super generous of crayfish! I really eaten lotza crayfish that night. Heehee
Quiche, Aparagus, Potato and dunno what in the last plate...

Didnt try this as we wanted to save the limited stomach storage for other stuff... That even though, we had stayed there for almost 3 hours... still cannot stuff in, must be the age. I used to eat more, now really buai tahan, so need to be more selective. Choose only the expensive stuff and desserts! 
Chicken Curry
Fried Tempura

This was pre-fried though and merely heated up, so not as crispy as freshly fried from the wok. Can probably give this a miss.
Sushi Assortment

Salmon Sashimi

Fatty and Fresh! 

Crab again... so much crab and crayfish dishes here!

What's this?

It was still CNY technically (the last day of 15th period), and so there was Yusheng! Yeah! I love to eat yusheng. 

Yusheng that I "made" myself with fresh salmon from the Japanese station. Keke

Lo hei! To good health, happiness and huat ar!!

Grill Station

We were given wooden stick with our table number, which we passed to the chef at the Grill Station. Once cooked, it would be served to us.  
Tried the grilled beef and pork. Cooked to perfection!

Cant help but to take picture of the fruits station as it was so colourful and cheerful looking!

Lychee and Rose Lemon

The lychee beverage tasted too artifically sweet and the rose lemon had a peculiar taste.
Because it was Valentine's Day, the dessert station was so dainty and sweet, mostly in pastel colour in pink & purple. Everyone was trying to take pictures here, as the sweet stuff made the perfect background!
The meringue here were nice too, not deadly sweet, especially those with coconut fillings. 

They also served traditional kuehs but was somehow "neglected" in one corner. Keke
Pink fondue! Have you seen anything like that?

I loved the pink fondue which tasted like Pocky Strawberry and it tasted perfectly with the strawberries which were all so sweet. I must had eaten at least a good 5 or 6 strawberries. 
Cakes and tarts
Waffle & Pancake

Got to give these a miss.... >.<

The durian puree was not displayed out at the dessert station. But the staff serving at our seating area recommended it to us, saying that this is their popular dessert and he was really nice to help me to request from the chef. Thumbs up for his service. 

The verdict for the durian puree? Really devilicious, so wickedly good that I was trying to finish it even though my stomach was already protesting! You can really savour the mao shan wang meat yet it was creamy enough. I'm missing it while typing now... >.<

Overall, I think the spread is really good and I wish I have a bigger stomach size to try everything!

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