Day 3 at Taipei

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Hello! I'm back with my Taipei trip before I check in to Quincy Hotel later, so let's do a super chop chop post. =p

We planned to do some sight-seeing & hot spring trip at Wulai, but the weather was really bad, rained like nobody business. We still went for the indoor hot spring, grab lunch and just took a cab back to the city area.

Breakfast was settled at 新鮮豆漿店, which I tried in my last trip in Taipei. I finally figured out the name of the breakfast shop after massive googling. However, this time round I thought it was just passable, probably I didnt order the right stuff. *Shrugged* 

Then again, I love the strong aroma of charcoal grilled soya bean, which is a very unique taste.

After a quick breakfast, we hopped back to the metro green line to Xindian to catch the free shuttle bus to Volando hot spring spa.

For more information, please click here.

I choose Volando because they provide free shuttle bus, which is about 25mins ride away from the metro station. Do remember to book both to & fro seats as seats are limited ( 8 seats per timing)!

The pricing is about S$30+ for 1.5hours each pax. Toiletries, towels and water provided.
View from our room

After hot spring, we got to walk uphill (@#$%^@) for about 15mins to Wulai Old Street.
You will pass by this red bridge on the way. And it started to rain once we reached Wulai Old Street (@#$%^@). 
There are many similar restaurants, and we decided to go for this one that most people blogged. 泰雅婆婆美食店  is located right at the start of the street, so wont miss de.

My favourite dish! A snack made up of fried small prawns and fishes, that were really crispy and addictive. 
Stir fried wild boar meat which was quite meh & fatty.

Roasted pigeon which was so tiny that you literally need to "find" meat. Keke
Bamboo rice which was nothing to rave about.

Overall, I think food here was just decent, 家常便饭. If you want to come here just for the aboriginal food, then you may want to consider. BUT, if you are coming to Wulai for hot spring and sight seeing, then why not? 
Uncle selling grilled boar sausage and mochi.

I opted for the cheese flavour which was quite yuck. I guess grilled mochi goes better with sweet topping like peanuts? Dont ever choose cheese ok?
This was probably the best food, although a tad oily.
Comfort food while we took shelter. The bowl was so huge, we should have shared if we know that the portion was so big. Nonetheless, we finished all coz I was with a gang of food piggy. Just give us a table of food, we will still finish even though we are not hungry. *special ability*

We had dinner with a Taiwanese friend & family, so no pictures of dinner..... but we proceed to Shilin Night Market for snacks and some shopping. 

This famous potato stall is located near to the entrance, ask the local if you cant find it.
Super gao nacho cheese, so good and so sinful.

This was also located quite near to the entrance. Go for the taro snow ice unless you dont like yam. The taro was so soft, thumb up!
Finally, my favourite snack in Shilin ~ fried milk! This was located along the street, cheap & good snack.

Got to go! Will continue next time!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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