Forest @ Resort World Sentosa

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Venue: Lobby Equarius Hotel 
( If you are driving, proceed to B1 West carpark, purple zone)
Contact: 6577 6688


Finally, the long awaited wedding anniversary lunch celebration! We had been postponing it as there was always something on on Sunday, and this 8 course set menu is only available on Sunday. Hey, at least we still "made it" within the month of June. =p

The restaurant is decorated in such a manner that keeps reminding you of its name Forest. Brown wooden pillars ( probably laminated) that branch out to the high ceiling, leaves featured wall, flowers, even the staff are donned in brown suit. My notti hubby suggested that the staff should wear a green cap so that they will look like walking trees. =_="

Anyway, the whole setting gives a very soothing and comfortable ambience. What a lovely way to start the Sunday noon! Lunch starts at 12pm mah...
The 8 course lunch comprises of 13 dishes all together, and will take about 2 hours to finish the whole course. So do consider the timing when planning your schedule! Dont rush through the lunch and waste such a nice atmosphere!
There is also a 4 course kids set menu, which personally, I dont think it's worth it. Either leave the kids at home and enjoy couple time or just order the adult set menu and you eat more lah. Keke
Refreshing lemon grass drink to freshen up the palate (additional cost of $5++). Not a very sweet drink.

*Thinking aloud*

Where can buy basil seeds? I read somewhere that basil seeds are good for digestion and makes a nice dessert by just mixing  plain yogurt, berries and basil seeds. Sound real easy and yummy. =)
1) Soup of the Day

Soup of the day is winter melon soup. Can really smell the aroma of the soup from far. Taste wise, I was expecting sweeter since it smelt so nice. Nonetheless, a tasty soup to warm the stomach and we were so ready for the delicacies! Bring it on!

2) Tuna Tartar marinated with Mango served in Cone
3) Baby Abalone in Thai Style
The abalone was slightly spicy, just enough to tease the tongue, complemented with a sour/sweet /spicy green apple salad. Even my silly hubby who doesnt like to eat abalone, said this dish was good. 
The presentation itself was so thoughtful to contain the tuna tartar in a cone, which kind of "force" you to take a mouthful. Then you truly appreciate the dish and savour the marination which was so good. The amazing part - the cone was still crispy despite the tuna tartar being moist and flavourful. 
 4) Pan seared Hokkaido Scallop in Black Bean Sauce
5) Vietnamese Roll with Sliced Lobster in XO Chili Sauce

Obviously, the scallop being so huge already won the hearts. Yet I liked that it was treated in a very typical Chinese style with black bean sauce and fried shallots ( I think) even though the presentation said a different thing. I expected the sauce to be on the salty side just like the normal black bean sauce, but somehow this was just nice and I polished the sauce clean with the big fat scallop. Yum!
Warning! For those who dun take chilli, please remove the "helpless" looking red spot on top of the lobster slice. It was spicy lor... >.<

Again, the sauce accompanying the tasting portion adds a lot of points to the dish. I thought it tasted like Japanese sesame sauce. A pity that the lobster slice was a tab too little to really taste the natural sweetness, so that's why the sauce played a vital role.
  6) Steamed Egg Chawanmushi with Crab Meat

Hey, I luv chunky crab meat that I don't have to shell myself. Hehe
  7) Deep Fried Prawn with Crispy Cereal
A ball of springy prawn coated in fresh crispy cereal. Fresh because I really dont taste any symptom of oil, yet it was so crispy! 

Tip of the day: Dun waste the cereal, eat it with the chawanmushi too! 
  8)  Steamed Cod Fillet with Yunnan Ham and minced Ginger in Lotus Leaf

By now, we were almost full. The servings here really were really decent even though they are suppose to be tasting portions. I like that they never cut corners! It was okay, we can tahan and will definitely finish this course. *affirmation nod* So now, we were finally at the main course. 

The cod fish was very smooth and literally just fell apart with a stroke from the fork, no knife needed! Since I have a shorter body, which means my nose is nearer to the plate, I can smell a very strong lotus leaf. I dunno why, but I thought that there was a tiny weeny bitter aftertaste, which I reckon was due to the lotus leaf. Overall, it was still a very delightful dish. 
  9) Wok Fried Beef Cubes accompanied with Pan-seared Foie Gras

Bet you cant tell, but there were foie gras cubes "hidden" amongst the beef tenderloin cubes. Now I'm the silly one, I just threw all the foie gras to hubby's plate. Me DUN LIKE foie gras.

The beef was pale compared to the other dishes, the meat was slighly tough but I still liked the wok fried fragrant. And dont forget to eat the crispy nest!
 10) Braised Japanese Ramen with Crab Meat
  11) Wok Fried Jap Pearl Rice with Smoke Duck and Sausage
The noodles tasted like chinese mee suan rather than ramen, smooth and silky but also like very 凊淡.  Nonetheless, the chunky crab meat and tasty broth made up all!
Our stomach were protesting but still, we had to finish this coz it was so tasty! The Japanese pearl rice were fried until the texture seemed like glutinous rice with little bites of smoke duck and sausage here and there.
  12) Mango with Pomelo
  13) Pandan Cake with Crumbles

Thank goodness, desserts were light hearted instead of pulut hitam or durian cheesecake. It would have been an agony if those were served. 

The pandan cake was very light & fluffy with the added crunch, wished that there were more crumbles though. 
We ended off with tea! 

Not sure whether tea/coffee was included in the set. We saw other customers left without having them, but yet we were not charged with extra cost. 

Just for sharing, if you are thinking of coming here, why not sign up with RWS invite, which costs $150 for a year membership. In return, you will get $200 dining vouchers. More worth it right? ^_^

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