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BING GO (Korean Dessert House)
Venue: 102 Gullimard Road #01-01 S399719
Contact: 6440 5509


Never enough of Korean food & dessert! Just a week back in Singapore, we decided to drop by this Korean Dessert House which is very near to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre (Mountbatten Mrt). This is the café concept of Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ restaurant, which is just next door.  

Korean bbq followed by korean dessert, coupled with Korean customers conversing in Korean ( we were sandwiched in between 2 korean groups when we were there). Wow, cheap thrill of imaging yourself in Korea. Keke
Oreo Bingsu - $11
Injoelmi Toast - $6

Pricing wise, definitely comparable to what we had in Korea. The Bingsu looked same same but tasted somehow missing something. Finally, it struck us that evaporated milk was missing! We asked from the counter but it was still different, although slightly better. The one given to us was a tad too thick, so it didn't really blend well with the ice shaving. 

Injoelmi toast - a thick layer of mochi sandwich between toast, served with peanut powder and evaporated milk drizzled on top. Again, it tasted somehow not as nice. Probably a more crispy toast will be nicer? Here, the toast was soft, so 没口感!

Then again, I'm probably biased here since I'm comparing with the one served at Sulbing in Korea. =p
10% discount if you dine at Ju Shin Jung!
If you are in Korea, dont forget to try the milk shaving and injoelmi toast at Sulbing. It has a lot of outlets in both Seoul and Busan. In BIFF square itself, we saw 3 outlets!  Ordered the honey caramel injoelmi toast & strawberry shaving at Busan.
And then the basic injoelmi toast & peanut shaving at Myeondong outlet. See the milky stuff, it's more liquid and mixed with the ice shaving better. =p

If you ask me what I miss in Korea? Definitely the food! Mind you, I dont take spicy food, so Korea is not just kimchi ok? Keke

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