The Sushi Bar

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Venue: Far East Plaza #04-28
Contact:9653 6464


I came to know of The Sushi Bar from my friend and had wanted to try it when it was still located at Level 3, FEP. Back then , there was no GST but the queue was crazy. We decided that we didnt like chirashi so much to queue too long and so I had never tried it until recently and now they charge GST. This means the business has hit the $1millon revenue target, congratulations!

Still needs to queue but the new place at Level 4 is much bigger, so hopefully you dont have to wait that long. Anyway, it was also by chance that I ended up first in queue when I dropped by on a weekday. My friend and I wanted to have early lunch and so we reached there at about 1130am. Only then I knew that the place open at 12pm. Called it blessing in disguise, the queue built up not long after I stood outside the shop. 

They do allow reservation but you must make the reservation 1 week in advance. Alternatively, 'tabao' is another option to skip the queue, just order and pack away. 

Most people will order the chirashi don which seems to be their signature dish? It comes in 3 type:

Basic Chirashi Don - Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi/Tobiko -  $19.90
Normal Chirashi Don - Salmon/Tuna/Hamachi/Scallop/Ikura/Mekaigiki - $24.90
Premium Chirashi Don - Mixed Shashimi -$62.90

We ordered the Normal Chirashi Don which in my opinion, most worthwhile. The premium one is definitely out of my reach, I cant imagine spending over $60+ for a lunch and only one item lor. Anyway, the normal chirashi is good enough for me. The fish slices were super thick & fresh, so quite shiok to eat. There was quite a variety of fish types, but seriously, I didnt know what I was eating except for salmon and tuna. Lol

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