Kiss Goodbye

1:35:00 AM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

I won Toto!!





Tio 3 digit, with a wining of * drums rolling* ....... $10

If only the 3 can become 13, I will get $40 more lor... Try harder next time! =p

And I'm not a hard core gambler ar.... I rarely buy 4D or Toto. This is my third time buying because $12 million really too tempting. Dream of wining also very happy. LOL

The first time me and hubby went to buy Toto, the conversation with the ticket counter auntie goes like this:

Auntie: Your first time buying?

Me: Erm...No! 

Auntie: You are not suppose to circle  1 number in each row. Choose 6 number in each box (A, B, C..)

Me: Oh..... 

What to do? Took back the ticket and redo lor... 

I thought it was embarrassing to admit that it was our first time buying but I guess it was too obvious to the auntie liao. LOL