Sushi Express Yusheng

9:00:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Collected our lohei at Nex Sushi Express outlet, cant wait to dig in! I mean, look at the generous serving of fresh sushi slices and yup, roes also!

I got to know Sushi Express yusheng through a fren & decided to order this year. And yup, must order coz they ran out so fast. The outlet at Seletar Mall no longer had it when I called on Saturday, and it was not even εˆεδΊ” lor.. Heng, Nex one still had it.
Finally time to lohei! I love to lohei, it's fun & rowdy, taste yummy and a perfect way to get everyone together. =)
I counted, 22 thick salmon slices! Super worth it! Just $29.80!
Came with cute ang bao packets too! Im definitely gonna order it next year!

2 more lohei sessions to go! And no, I'm not complaining! Hee