Korea 2015 - Everland/Gangnam

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I went to both Lotte World and Everland like 10 years ago when I went Korea with my family in a package tour. Decided to revisit Everland since we didnt really get a chance to take any rides previously.

The journey to Everland took us almost 2 hours plus (includes 5 transfer to subway/rail lines). Alternatively, you can consider to just sign up the bus shuttle from Funko Fantastic Korea to save the hassle of transferring so many lines. And if you choose the "harder" way to go Everland like us, dont forget to refer to the discount coupons in the official website.

Everland Theme Park
Subway: Jeondae Everland Station (last stop) on Yongin Ever Line
Direction: Proceed to take the shuttle bus (free of charge) from Yongin Ever Line and go to Everland or Caribbean Bay.
Queuing for the shuttle bus, which thankfully was quite fast and frequent.

Super long queue at the entrance! The cheerful music did make queuing last frustrating. LOL

The whole place is freaking big. If you want to explore all the area, I dont think 1 day is enough. Not to mention, the queue for each ride could be 1 - 2 hours. 

We spent the whole day at Everland, only managed to take 2 rides, a sky ride, watched the parade and visited the zoo. 
Colourful parades..
The 2 rides that we took..

Dun be 'fool' by the queues outside the buildings... the queues was actually much much longer inside. If you have only a few hours to spare here, have to be selective in the rides lor..


See the contrast in our clothing? It was quite chilly at night while hot during the day, so hor dunno what to wear everyday....
We spent bulk of our time queuing, reminded me of the time when we went Disney Sea. If I stay in Korea for work/study, I will sure to revisit Everland now and then, coz amusement park is such a happy place to spend the weekend!

Yeolbong Jjimdak (열봉찜닭)
820-1, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Subway:  Gangnam Station, Exit 11
Direction: Walk straight and turn into the first alley on the right. Then turn left at the cross junction and walk straight till reach Quarterback/Macs, Yeolbong will be on the right alley (beside Bibigo).
We ordered the  'normal' spiciness for the Andong Chicken Stew (21000 won), meant for 2 pax to share. Came with option of thin or thick noodles, we chose the former.
The chicken itself was actually nice and fragrance till we ate the noodles and it was a 'never return spicy journey" =_=". I was drowning myself with water and perspiring like siao while my hubby was crying and tried to gulp down more rice (extra order). LOL, we were the only table that finished the whole jar of water; but it was really very very spicy! 

We suspected that it was the thin glass noodles which absorbed all the spiciness and chili seed (cant differentiate from the sesame seeds) although it looked so harmless. The spiciness is those kind that will linger for a long time. Dont say I never warn, eat with caution!

We proceeded to have dessert since the dinner was quite "torturing", probably the only meal in Korea that we didnt quite enjoy. Oh well, if you like spicy food, you probably will have opposite feeling. 

Although the dessert shop was just opposite the main road, we got to cut through the station to the other side. This meant more  staircases to climb! Argh...

Butterfinger Pancakes 
Subway: Gangnam Station, Exit 10
Direction: Walk straight till you reach the corner of the road (The Body Shop). Turn left into the lane and walk straight. 
Ordered the cream cheese & mozzarella pancake since it got a 'star'. My husband liked it but I find it weird. Not a must to go place bah.

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