Korea 2015 - Nonhyeon / Express Bus Terminal / Banpo Rainbow Bridge

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Nonhyeon/Express Bus Terminal

Since we were going Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall (wah kao, so wordy =p) aka GoToMall for shopping, we dropped by Sino-Nonhyeon Food Alley for dinner. There are so many restaurants and all looking so tempting! If we have more days here, we probably be back here for more meals.

Sino-Nonhyeon Food Alley
Subway/ Directions:
Nonhyeong Station -  Go out exit 2  and take a left into the first alley. Walk for about 50 m and you'll see the food alley
Sinnonhyeon Station -  Go out exit 3 and walk straight for about 130m. Take a right after Haengbokhan Pharmacy (행복한 약국) and for about 50m and you'll see the food alley.

BUT! We were here for grilled clams at Pearl of Mud Flat!
Choose between steam or grill. We ordered the grill set A, which came with prawns tempura as well.
Spicy soup and soft corn as appetizer. 
Ta-da! Our grilled clam feast! All sort of clams, prawns, crab, sausage, spaghetti...
Grilled clams with cheese! Or was it scallops? Dont know how to differentiate. Heck care, tasted good can liao!
Crab meat, squid in the aluminium foil...
Really too much good food! And the seafood tasted so fresh! Seriously, I think dont need to order the set, the grilled clams itself includes so much items already. Everything cost 45000 won, which was really reasonable.

One of our best meal in Seoul and best service too! The staff helped us to grill the food, but probably we were the only tourists there....haha. The koreans were 'cooking' the food themselves.. =p
Dun ask me why got 'naked' uncle at the back of the namecard, I was rather perplexed as well. >.<

The resturant used to have 3 outlets along the food alley but now all combined into 1 and it's 24 hours! It's nearer to Nonhyeon station, about 5 -10 minutes walk from the station. Highly recommended!

Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall
Subway: Express Bus Terminal Station, Exit 8
Direction:  Follow the Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Center sign. East end has a diverse selection of goods, the west end is almost all clothing shops

Not sure whether it is called Gangnam Terminal Underground Mall or Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall. But if you are looking for affordable clothing shops, then alight at Express Bus Terminal Station! Keke

This station is huge, a very big interchange, so we spent some time trying to find the underground mall. My advice is to look for Exit 8 / Banpo Bridge direction, and you will somehow find the mall. 
A lot of Korean here, so must be good! Most clothings are sold at 10000won or rather I looked for 10000won items to buy.  In fact, I came here twice and bought a few one-piece, skirt etc. Some items that I saw here was sold at a higher price at Dongdaemum, so I suggest to come here first before going to Dongdaemum. 

Banpo Rainbow Bridge
Subway:  Express Bus Terminal, Exit 8-1
Direction: Go straight for 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection. Continue going straight for 400m and cross the street at the crosswalk. Go straight through the underpass to arrive at the park. 

The exit to Banpo Bridge is at the end of the  underground shopping mall, i.e. the food zone. But hor, I cannot remember whether its west or east side le; most likely the west zone. 

The walk from the station to the park took us about 15- 20mins, so dont go too last minute; there's timing for the fountain show. 

April-October (Duration: 15min) 
* Weekdays: 12:00, 20:00, 21:00
* Weekends: 12:00, 17:00, 19:30 (July & August only), 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30

It's best to double check KTO website at the time for your trip.
Edited photos,coz the lighting at the Banpo Hangang Park was not good! I was kiasu, so I also booked the hangang cruise to have a close up view of the fountain show, which I think was much better. You dont get to see 'rainbow colour' from the view at the park. So if you dont mind spending, then skip going to Banpo Hangang Park and just go for the cruise. =)

I took a video on my instagram, so pop over to take a look ya? ^_^ (V)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ive really enjoyed reading your post. They are straight forward, to the point and humorous too The details are really of help for planning my coming trip this year.

Ive read somewhere that the Pearl of Mudflat operating hours is only from 5 pm onwards while your post had stated its for 24 hours. I couldn't find the restaurant's website to confirm this and have to disturb you as a last resort. Is the restaurant operating for 24 hours?

One more question, is the clam set alone good enough for 2 ladies. As we don't speak Korean and thus thot its better we have some clear ideas before we go.


Ashley Tok said...


It's true that there isnt much info of Pearl of Mudflat online. I got to printscreen a china travel video to get the address. Luckily, I was able to find it. Keke

The name card and the shop front state that Pearl of Mudflat is opened 24 hours ( see the pictures above). If you want to double confirm, you can ask your hotel staff to double check by calling (Tel: 02 544 8892) the restaurant again when you arrive in Korea.

We dont speak Korean as well, so dun worry. There was a china nationality staff who speak chinese; the other staff can also speak simple English.

I think the clam set alone is already very filling, not to forget there are so many other food at the Sino-Nonhyeon Food Alley. You will know what I mean when you are there...everything looks good and you will wish that you have a bigger appetite to stomach all. =p

Enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley, thanks for responding to my enquiries and your suggestion that we do our checks on the opening hours when we reach there. We'll be over there next month, in the midst of this big hoo ha about NK. Just hope we return alive!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, did u book the cruise in advance and where is the boarding point?

Ashley Tok said...


I booked the ticket in advance although I still need to collect it at the booth near the boarding point. I've booked through this website http://funtastickorea.com =)