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Venue: Fairmont Singapore, Level 3
Contact: 6431 6156  
Website: http://www.fairmont.com/singapore/dining/mikuni/


Celebrated hubby's bdae at Mikuni just last weekend. Enough of korean food, we were going for Japanese food! 

It was such a great deal that I cant wait to share. But, let me share the photos first! Keke

Sidetrack, not sure why I couldnt focus using my new Sony alpha5100. Any tips? I'm sure it's due to my setting, but I dont know how to set leh. Either let me know how to adjust my setting or pls buy over the camera. It's such a pity to waste it. =_=
Organic salad and complimentary chips so good that kept us anticipating for the mains. Hee

The chips were really nice, not sure what they were made of, but then I'm a junk kid, so I love tibits and junk food. 
Food glory made up of our lunch sets - Premium Bento 'Miyabi' ($120) and Uminosachi ($70)
There were grilled scallop & cod fish as well as teppanyaki prawns, served with choice of white rice or garlic fried rice in the Uminosachi set. Good selection of seafood which was pretty filling for me. 
Sashimi (Tuna, Salmon & Scallop) included in hubby's 'Miyaki' set, which was very fresh!
His set came with eel rice, mixed vegetables, tempura, codfish and wagyu beef skewer. All the good 'stuff' in a set.
Ending the lunch set with a berry compote dessert. Really luv the milky & smooth custard!

Our total cost for the above ~> $117.70 including tax and service charge. Yeah, just pay using Amex Platinum Card, which comes with the FAR membership, so it was 50% off for us!

Seriously, the pricing on the menu is a bit too high for us to 'handle'. However, with the 50% discount, we really dont mind coming back for a treat occasionally. =)

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