Korea 2015 - Noryangjin / Yeouinara / Yongsan

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Seafood again! This time in Seoul itself and located right next to the subway. How convenient can it get? =)

Noryangjin Fish Market
Subway: Noryangjin, Exit 1
Direction: Walk across the overhead bridge to the market
Just follow the signboard and you will reach the fish market or just simply sniff your way there. Hee

The prawns so BIIIGGGG!

After shopping for the seafood, we proceeded to the 2nd floor where there are rows of restaurants that will do the cooking for you... at a cost, of coz.
The restaurant we went... You might want to ask around the rates before deciding on one. For us, we just went to the one recommended by the stall that we bought the seafood.
Still empty in the morning...
The seafood was really fresh, I would have wanted to order more if we came in a bigger group. We got the smallest piece of salmon, but still it was a little bit too much for us to stomach. 

Our damage made up of the following:

Cost of the seafood - 20000won salmon, 10000 won tiger prawn, 10000 won abalone

Cordiments per headcount - 5000won ( it will be 3000 won per headcount if you order the maeuntang (soup)

Cost of grill of prawn and abalone - 6000 won & 7000 won separately (the restaurant charges a fee to grill the seafood.)

A total cost of 63000won! Very expensive hor....

If I had known the cost involved, I would probably just buy the ingredient and go back to my bnb and boil everything in water with Korean maggi mee. Will definitely be more economical lor. And why need to charge me twice for grilling the seafood??? Same charcoal right? ~_~

Now you know there are many other costs involved, so you have the option to cook yourself or simply request to boil everything in the maeuntang.

Hangang Cruise
Subway: Yeouinaru, Exit 3
Direction: Yeouido Dock is 5min from the station.

We bought our cruise tickets online at Funko Fantastic and so we just had to go earlier to collect the tickets without having to worry that the tickets will be sold out. =)
Collected the tickets here.
The pretty bridge to the cruise and the cruise itself.
*Palm face* Sala focus again... Really dunno how to use my new Sony a5100. >.<
More seats at the upper storey, both indoor and outdoor.

At one point, the crew member told us to gather below this canvas shelter and we were wondering why. Turned out the cruise was going under the bridge and the water fountain. So funny as everyone tried to gather below the very 'miserable' shelter... LOL
Really rainbow fountain! So pretty!

Dragon Hill Spa & Resort (Yongsan)
Subway: Yongsan, Exit 1
Direction: Once you come down the elevator or stairs, walk to your right. It's right next door by the traffic light.
Fee: 5am - 8pm : 11000Won ; 8pm - 5am : 13000 Won (24 hours)
The spa is huge! You definitely need at least 2 - 3 hours.  There's an open sitting area where you can just laze around, watch TV or just chit chat. There are different temperature saunas, coin-operated massage chairs, arcade, swimming pool and of coz the hot spring (guys and gals separately).

You will be given a wrist band where you can tap to purchase food & drinks, add on body massage or simply play arcade. But 'dangerous' lah, since it's too convenient to tap without knowing how much you spend until you check out, so we only bought drinks and just spent  bulk of our time at the hot spring.

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