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Venue: 111 King George's Avenue
Contact: 6291 2698


A quaint cafe that is near my hubby's office, nesting at a old row of shophouse. We would definitely not chanced upon here since there is no exciting stuff around here, so credit to my massive googling for new cafes. Hee

It is so ulu that I thought that it wouldnt be packed but I made an reservation anyway. Imagine my surprise when the cafe turned up full house. 
If you love to take pictures, you will like it here! Every corner seems like THAT perfect photo spot, so snap away!
Smoked Salmon Salad - $17.90

I wanted to order a dish recommended in the Foodporn but ended up ordered this smoked salmon salad. It was a good 'mistake' though... I liked the extra crunch from the nuts & seeds, and the combination of spinach, salmon and mozzarella cheese was really nice.
Roasted Stuffed Mushroom - $9.90

I thought the cheese kinda weird, probably too strong for my liking. Hubby liked it though coz he is a sucker for dairy products. =p
French Duck Confit - $24.90

The duck confit serving was kinda miserable, given the price and the meat was a bit dry.  On the positive note,  the cheese baked cauliflower (side dish) was rather unusual, which was a nice change.
Avocado Coffee - $8

I'm not even a coffee or avocado lover but I thought this drink was da bomb! We were given 2 espresso shots to add to the avocado shake according to our preference. I guess the bitterness of the coffee was neutralized by the avocado shake and the combination was just right, not too sweet, not too bitter or not too thick ( I usually find avocado shake a tad too thick for my liking). Overall, highly recommended! Must try!

I quite like my experience here and the menu seems interesting. I guess I will be back to try out more dishes! ^________^

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