DIY Cookies

7:29:00 PM Ashley Tok 0 Comments

Made some cookies at home some time back but yet to post. Never too late!
Yeah, my table mats are all pink and hello kitty. Guess what, the bowls are Hello Kitty too! DON'T, judge me. =p

With the internet nowadays, it's so easy to grab a recipe to make some food at home. I followed the recipe from . It looked easy and not a too long list of ingredients.  As usual, I applied my aga-ration, I cant really follow instructions too closely. You know, white sugar instead of brown sugar (simply because there wasnt any brown sugar at home), less sugar (for a healthier choice!) etc. 

It was really easy to make cookies at home! And the plus point, you can add as many chocolate chips and almond nuts as you like. All, at a much cheaper cost.

Have anyone tried adding marshmallow in a cookies recipe? Next time, for a more chewy texture!

Enjoy the weekend!