Bangkok 2015 - Asiatique and Sky Bar@ Lebua at State Tower

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I just came back from Bangkok over the weekend, a short 5D4N trip! It was a less 'tedious' itinerary compared to my other trips, as we mainly just eat and do foot massage. =)

Redeemed my krisflyer points quite some time ago, well before the bombing incident. Both hotel and SQ did offer a reschedule but merely extending it till October. We dont see how going in October will be much safer, so we decided to just go ahead. 

Everything was back to normal, except that there was bag check at all BTS & MRT stations as well as the shopping malls. Talking about the transport system, I was pretty impressed. I think I too long never visit Bangkok liao. In this trip, we commuted around mainly using MRT and BTS, except for just a few trips using taxi.

Not sure what's the difference between MRT and BTS, but they dont share the same fare system. So although we had the rabbit card (similar to our ezlink card) for our BTS rides, we had to purchase the MRT rides separately. A bit troublesome, but it was okay since most of the places we went are nearby BTS stations. 


We took the late noon flight to bangkok and was almost evening by the time we reached. To avoid the evening traffic jam, we took the  Airport Rail Link which is linked to Phaya Thai BTS. From there, we took BTS to Chong Nonsi where our hotel is located. All and all, we took about an hour to travel from the airport to the city. Pretty fuss free, cheap and most importantly, no JAM! I definitely opt for this option if my luggage is light and the hotel is near to a BTS station for my next trip!

Checked in hotel and off we went to grab dinner!

BTS: Saphan Taksin, Exit 2
Direction: Walk toward the pier ( trust your nose to lead the way) and take the free shuttle boat. Alternatively, just follow where most people are walking toward to.

We had our first dinner at a random thai stall. Quite normal and hor, coconut not sweet. I conclude, only young coconut is confirmed sweet. You know, those tiny ones that can be found in NTUC supermarkets, expensive ( about $3 for a tiny one) but so far, they were all sweet (*touch wood).

Here, the stalls were very organized and sell the usual tourist souvenirs (handmade soap, key chains), swimwear, T-shirts etc. Saving my limited bahts for the wholesale markets, so ya, I didnt buy anything from here.

Sky Bar @ Lebua at State Tower
BTS: Saphan Taksin, Exit 3
Direction: Just look up and walk towards the tall cream building with the gold dome.

It was drizzling then and the Sky Bar was closed. =(

We decided to try our luck and wait for the Sky Bar to open, so we just hanged around at the Distil Bar. Imagine my 'excitement' when the staff finally said we can proceed to the Sky Bar after like 30 - 45mins wait.

On a side note, remember to bring proper shoes if you are planning to visit the rooftop bars in Bangkok. For guys, no shorts and slippers allowed.
The wait was definitely worth it. 

The golden Dome was magnificent and looked as if it was glowing. Ambiance was great with a live band playing.  Probably because of the after showers and the wines, the air was cooling and everyone seemed to be in a light hearted mood.

It was pretty foggy then and so unfortunately, the view was not fantastic. But I was happy enough that we managed to go to the Sky Bar; at least the trip was not wasted. 

Stay tune, be right back with more updates of Bangkok. =)

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