Bangkok 2015 - Food!

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If I have to state a percentage of how we spent our time in bangkok, it probably goes something like 50% food, 30% shopping, 15% massage and 5% other activity. So, sharing some of the food that we had there. =)

The Best of Noodle Boat
BTS: Victory Monument, Exit 4
Direction: Just follow the sky walk from the Exit 4 and you should be able to see the canal and the row of  boat noodles stalls located on the left side. We took the Exit 3, which was supposed to be a shorter route but it was harder to spot the canal at ground level. So although taking Exit 4 will be slightly longer, it's an easier route to walk and you can take pictures of the Victory Monument on the way.

Most of the blogs recommended the 'orange stall' which is called 'The Best Of Noodle Boat', can find it using google map as well. And most people would have at least a few bowls each as each bowl is just a few mouthfuls. Guess what, we only ordered 5 bowls to be shared between me and hubby.

We tried the 'thicken soup with pork', 'thicken soup with beef' and 'sour soup with pork'. Each bowl merely costed us 12 Baht, which was less than 50cents. Dont really like the 'thicken soup' flavour; the 'sour soup' was nicer but very spicy! We perspired like siao after having 1 bowl of the 'sour soup', luckily the place was air-conditioned. For us, tried once and it was good enough! Oops...

Sabx2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles
BTS: Siam / Chit Lom / Ratchathewi
Direction: 4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam
This area is not very convenient and the nearest BTS are Siam, Chit Lom and Ratchathewi station. The last one seems to be the nearest on google map. We walked from Siam BTS and took at least 20-30mins. Mind you, not exactly a pleasant walk since the air pollution was bad from the heavy traffic. Taxi will probably be a better option; we took taxi to go back to our hotel. 

The stall is easy to find, situated in the alley beside Shibuya Mall. Queue was long but moving fast. The wanton noodles come in 2 size, regular at 60baht and special at 100baht. We ordered 3 bowls to share between us, which was just nice. The special seemed to be the same as the regular, only with additional crab meat. Thumbs up for the wanton mee, it was tasty but slightly oily.

After You
BTS: Siam
Direction: Siam Square 1, Ground Level
We went on a weekday and no crowd! Still, we had to wait a good 10 - 20minutes after making our order. Probably that was why the toast was so good, freshly made! The toast was very buttery and came with 2 icecream scoop, just nice to share!

On a side note, we went back on Saturday evening and the queue was duper long. We took a queue number and went to the Hello Kitty Cafe next door, rested our legs, packed my shopping loots and finished a cake and saw that our queue number was just been called. Ya, the queue was THAT long, so try to go on a weekday if possible. =)

Hello Kitty Cafe
BTS: Siam
Direction: Siam Square 1, Ground Level
This cafe is huge! There are 2 levels of cafeteria and 1 level of retail. Among all the Hello Kitty cafes that I went in Seoul and Taipei, this is the biggest and my hubby commented that the cakes were nicer with a wider selection here. Menu wise,  mainly cakes with savory items limited to sandwiches and pancakes.
We had the candy cream cheese (read that it was good in some blog) and the coconut flavour crepe cake (current craving for anything coconut =p). Erm, the coconut crepe cake was okay but the candy cream cheese was a tad too sweet.
I returned for a 2nd visit as I wanted to get the Hello Kitty tumbler. The tumbler costed 200baht on its own. Lucky me, there was a promotion then, and so I got the rainbow cheesecake + shirley temple served in the tumbler for 390 baht. Definitely a good deal and a bonus that the rainbow cheesecake was good, almost as good as my favorite TKC.  =)

Mango Tango
BTS: Siam
Direction: Siam Soi 3
This reminds me of Hongkong's  許留山 just that the mango here was much sweeter! Must go if you are a mango lover. Had this before we catch our flight back to Singapore. Made me wanted to buy fresh mango back, but too bad, too last minute. =(

Ban Khun Mae
BTS: Siam
Direction: Siam Soi 8, opposite Siam Square 1
This was not in my initial plan as we came here quite a few times liao in my previous trips. I would not say food here was fantastic but decent enough if you want to have authentic Thai cuisine in a very convenient location. I got craving for grilled prawns but didnt get to eat at the night markets I went, so we came here after our body massage at Chang Foot Massage on the last day.

BTS: Phaya Thai
Direction: 68/51 Soi Phetchaburi 5, Thung Phay Thai
Got to walk for a good 10-15 minutes from the BTS station and cut through the small alleys of the residence area. I almost thought we were lost. Better to come here during daytime when it is bright to find the way.

We reached this unsuspecting stall selling Tom Yam Lobster! It was quite empty when we reached, but the crowd slowly built up as more and more tourists pop in. My hubby still commented why did I find such "ulu" place to eat. Hey, looks like many people are like me, travel to eat!
There was S, M, L and XL portion. We ordered the small size.... already so gigantic beside the Samsung Note 3. Seriously, who will order the XL portion?? Giants?
This was big enough to share among 2 or 3 pax. There was lobster, crab stuffed with minced crab and meat, mussels. squid stuffed with minced meat, salmon, egg, glass noodles and flat noodles. So much food! We couldn't finish the noodles lor. And hor, it was not spicy at all even though it looked so 'threatening'.  Very safe for non-spicy eater. Hee
I ordered crab flutes coz I love to eat fried wanton skin.
First generation of TV advertisement. No need electricity some more.

Kelly By Audrey
MRT: Thai Cultural Centre
Direction: G Floor, Esplanade Ratchada
We were too early for the Rod Fai Market 2 (more of it on the next post), so we went Kelly to grab a light dinner. The restaurant is perfect for photo taking as every little corner looks pretty. But food wise was really meh, the 'Love Lavender' cake was coarse and sweet while the chicken chop tasted like KFC recipe at a higher price tag. I didnt even finish the cake lor.... ~_~ 

Sukhumvit Night Food Street
BTS: Thong Lor, Exit 4
Direction: You will see the street perpendicular to the station on the sky walk, walk down the stairs.
Was looking forward for good street food but alas, it was raining and the night market looked pathetic. Nothing interesting caught our eyes; we settled with this stall that seemed to be the most crowded.  We ordered phai thai and wanton noodles, so passable that I cant be bothered to take pictures. Tabao the mango with sticky rice to eat in the hotel. Thai mango never fails. If street food fails you, eat thai mango. =p

Park Society
BTS: no nearby BTS or MRT
Direction: Sofitel So Bangkok
We walked from W Hotel to Sofitel and it was so freaking far!!! Was contemplating between W Hotel and Sofitel when I was doing the booking of our accommodation. Finally, decided on W Hotel because of its location, just a 3minute walk from Chong Nonsi BTS. Sofitel, why you so far??

Since I was not going to stay at Sofitel (ever), we booked Park Society to have dinner to celebrate my birthday. But hor, Park Society last minute said they had an event on my birthday date. In return to reschedule, we got ourselves a 30% discount off the bill, not bad lah. 
We ordered the Crustacean Set Menu which consisted of 5 courses with complimentary bread and amuse bouche (tuna tartare). Service and food was great, but I think we shouldnt had ordered the 5 courses when we were having dinner at 8plus. Too late to have such heavy meal. =p
Hey, they still gave me a mini birthday cake even though it was not my birthday liao. So nice of them and the chocolate cake was damn rich. We would have finished it if we were not so full.
There was complimentary chocolate to bring back too!
Ending off the post with the night view from the Terrace @ Park Society. =)

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