Stranger Reunion

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Let's make love, coffee and magic 
                                                                                                              Strangers' Reunion

33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road
Contact: 6222 4869
Closed on Tuesday


Decided to try out Stangers Reunion after seeing so many photo spam of the berry ricotta hotcake on the social media. I'm a sucker for pretty food photo, you got my 50% vote if your food is photo-worthy and will look good in my instagram. Haha

Called to reserve but was told that only 6 pax & above can reserve a table. Bo pian lor, kenak rejected. So happened that hubby's friends wanna joined us for dinner, so we still managed to reserve a table after all. But hor, when we were reaching then I realized only 5 of us, I was already cooking stories in my mind on how to convince the staff to still give us the reserved table. My super 'gao luk' (confirm convincing) reason was our group is a bunch of super eaters, definitely will eat more than 6 pax portion. Dont believe, later you see my photos you will know. Anyway turned out, the place not so packed lah...chey

Are you ready for the photo spam? Here goes!
Pork Sausage Pasta - $18.90
Miso-Glazed Salmon - $25.90
Truffled Wagyu Burger - $26.90
Duck Aglio Olio - $17.90
Truffle Fries - $14.90
Spam Fries (Luncheon Meat) - $10.90
Berry Ricotta Hotcake - $18.90
Cafe Latte - $4.90
Ice Cream Waffle - $12.90
S.Mac IC Waffle - $13.90

Feedback from my group ~ the savories items were pretty good, although the portion was a tab small. Waffles was passable though even though there were many good reviews about them.

 I quite liked my Berry Ricotta Pancake, which simply described was a thick & fluffy pancake, almost tasted like sponge cake. Topped with with ice-cream and lotza of healthy stuff like berries and nuts. I had that as my main and I would say it was totally not sinful! Haha... But the portion was too big for me and got somehow boring halfway though, especially when I finished the ice-cream scoop, so SHARE ppl, if you order this dish.

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