Day 2 at Taipei

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Day 2 was shopping day!!

Thank goodness it was not raining heavily with just some drizzling in the afternoon. Just to play safe, we went to Wufenpu, which is mostly sheltered. 

Wufenpu (五分埔) / 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 (Formosa Chang)
Location: 110 Taiwan Taipei City Sinyi District Yǒngjí Road 333號  ‎ 
Metro: Houshanpi - Exit 1

For those who have never came to Taipei before, do not miss Wufenpu! It's a wholesale market with lot of cheap and good stuff. 

In the recent trip, I did realised that there are more shops selling clothes imported from Korea, which are more expensive (e.g. like $40 - $50 for a top), which I would rather buy in Singapore, Far East Plaza also have those shops mah, or best, fly to Korea to buy. Just for sharing, sometimes these shops will have a rack outside the shop selling defect items which may be a good buy, so do look out for those! Alternatively, buy those clothes that are imitation of the Korean designs, which are also nice. just that the quality may not be as good as those direct Korean imported.  

Lunch was quickly settled at 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 / Formosa Chang, which I have long heard about ravings about it. Can you imagine that I have never tried it even though this trip was my 5th time in Taiwan?

It was located at the cross junction, on the same direction to Wufenpu, quick hard to miss it.
*Palm face* I blurred the background which shows the price of the lu rou fan. But I think it is NT15, which is less than a dollar.
I only tried the ru lou fan, the rest were ordered by my friends. No comments except for the ru lou fan which was such a disappointment! The minced pork serving was pathetic and not fragrant enough. I really dun understand why everyone else is recommending it. 

Follow my blog, and I will show you where to get a good solid ru lou fan! =p

Random snack after our shopping at Wufenpu. We just wanted to take a break from hours of walking and waiting for hubby and friends so that we can go night market to makan!

Dinner was settled at Raohe Night Market

Raining also must go....a bit troublesome since it is open air one. =_=

Directions: From Wufenpu, cut through the shops diagonally until you reach the intersection of Songshan Road (松山路) and Songlong Road (松隆路). Walk towards the Songshan railway station (松山火車站) and you’ll see the night market after crossing Ba-de Road Section 4 (八德路四段).
First stop for pepper bun. Highly recommended by other bloggers, so I bought one to share with hubby. I find it a bit too peppery for my liking, so I leave it to hubby to finish it. He is my forever rubbish bin for food I dont want to eat. =p 

Must try this!
This size is the NT60 one. This was good lor, very juicy beef cubes. As recommended by the staff, we chosen the "rose salt" flavour. Must try! If I'm not wrong, this can be found in Shilin Night Market as well. 
Super big bbq squid. This was nice & chewy, but the fried one at Nixia Night Market was even better, so stay tune for the upcoming posts ar.... 

This was my favourite local sweet snack in Taipei ~> Popiah wrapped ice-cream with peanut shaving. But the one at Raohe was really thumb down. The best is located at 九份 Jiu Fen. If you can, do plan to go there and try. Here, the skin was too thick, and the parsley leaves was too overwhelming, totally covered the taste of everything else. 
This stall serves seafood in super sweet broth!
I think it was NT300 for a bowl like the picture above, which is good enough to share among 3/4 pax. The crab was pre-cooked and was threw into some sweet seafood gao gao (thick in hokkien) broth before serving to us. The crab totally absorbed the goodness in the broth! 

The stall provides plastic gloves for patrons, so dont need to worry about dirty hands, just whack this ya?
  Seafood soup that I had to tried in this wet weather.
Milk tea with pearls... normal you think so? Look closely, there was filling in the pearls! Choose from green bean, red bean, chocolate, sesame fillings. Unqiue huh?
My most dislike vegetable - bittergourd juice! Since I was in Taipei, I think I should try and boy, I'm glad I did! It was really not bitter, quite nice and thirst quenching!

This can be found at Ximending. The stall got this super big white bittergourd hanging, so try to look for it okie?

To be continued..... ^_^