Bangok 2015 - Silom Thai Cooking School & Escape Hunt

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Besides the usual itinerary to just shop and eat in Bangkok, I signed up for the evening class at Silom Thai Cooking School. Email them at if you are interested. =)

There are 3 classes in the day and each class is about 2-3 hours, depending on how fast your instructor lah. Mine was done within 2 hours and we still had time for a foot massage after dinner. =)

We paid 900 baht per pax for the evening classes, which I felt was reasonable for a 5 course dinner. Basically, we cooked our own dinner, one meal settled!

The school is a walking distance from Chong Nonsi BTS station, quite easy to find. The school also emailed us map and video to guide us to its location. We were split into classes of 6 pax to one instructor. Our instructor, J, was very humorous which made the class very entertaining. Request for him!
Making coconut milk and cream for our green curry chicken and dessert.
We were introduced to many spices and ingredients, many of which I had never seen before. J was sharing that in fact Thais don't use salt to flavour their food, but relied on the natural taste of all these spices.

First course was Tom Yum soup. Probably one of the best we had! *Proud*
2nd course was Phai Thai. All the ingredients were already prepared by the school helpers and all we needed to do was to throw all the ingredients in the wok under high heat. Ta da, we cooked Phai Thai, so simple! I think the difficult part is probably the preparation of the many ingredients. *Sweat*

Third course was a light minced chicken with all the raw vegetables salad. A lot of green leaves, onion and don't know what else. Simply pound all the ingredients together and mix in the minced chicken. Seriously, I cant imagine eating all those ingredient raw but the salad tasted good!
Next, we had the green curry chicken with rice. Mine was a bit soupy but nevertheless, still good!
Ended off with mango with sticky rice, prepared by the school helpers. I got 2 serving bec silly hubby doesnt like to eat mango. LOL

Overall, we enjoyed the cooking and eating activity. Even hubby who doesnt cook at home, find it entertaining. Highly recommended!

Escape Hunt
BTS: Asok, Exit 6
Direction: Go on the elevated walkway crossing the Asok traffic junction into the Interchange 21 Building. Once inside, follow the signs for "Escape Hunt" down to Level B2.

We were 'tasked' to find a missing elephant exhibit stolen from a top art gallery. If you are concerned with physical climbing and claustrophobia, nothing of the sort. The room is basically a bedroom size and it involved just finding clues to unlock the many pin locks  which will lead you to the next room and more clues. Over here, you only need a minimum of 2 and good to play. I find it challenging and fun to decode the clues which will give you the password of the pin locks. Very shiok when the lock unlock one. So if you are those who prefer brain stimulating games, you should enjoy this.

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