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Since we were at Bugis area in the morning, we popped by Asanoya, a Japanese bakery to try out the hot favorite these days ~ salted egg yolk croissant!

We were told that the egg yolk croissant would be available only after 11am, so hor, we decided to try out the other breads. 
All the breads looked so exquisite, how to choose?? I must had spend a good 10mins browsing up and down the counter.
 Matcha Swiss Roll - $2.80
Club Sandwich - $7
Green Tea Latte - $6
I guess maybe we were starving and bias; everything was good! I particularly adored the green tea latte which had this roasted tea aroma, I like!
11am! Dunno where these people came from and suddenly there was a long queue liao... But ok lah, there was more than 1 tray, so I think should be enough for everyone so long you are there around that timing?
Our "trophies"! Keke

I ordered the matcha salted egg croissant and maple salted egg croissant, because salted egg croissant was too mundane. ^_^
The filling was not those flowing type, more creamy. In fact, I preferred the croissant itself over the filling, which was a tab sweet to me. The croissant was fluffy and light, really nice when toasted.
Will try the Salted Egg Cube the next time!
We just cant get enough of the breads here, so we even packed home the Royal Milk Tea Bread, which was super nice also. It had the early grey milk tea fragrance and was fluffy inside. I'm surely going back for more. =)

Venue: 15 Queen Street #01-03 Wilby Residences

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